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Greek Hatred For Diaspora Greeks

While living and working in Greece I came to know many Greeks who hailed from the former Soviet Union. The Pontian or Pontic Greeks have experienced some of our worst historical tragedies, victimized by centuries of slavery and genocide by the Turks and then subject to Twentieth Century mass deportations and arbitrary persecution and forcible assimilation by what the majority of the citizens of mainland contemporary Greece honor as "the worker's paradise", in their moronic ahistorical adorations for Marxism in its various manifestations--the mainstream political spectrum , educational system and press being the most visible entities.

The poorer neighborhoods of Athens are home to many of these good Greeks that have finally returned home. In my experience, the men are masculine and proud, and the only Greeks I met who , without exception, have a deep reservoir of healthy, virile hate for our eternal Turkish foe. Many have had very bad experiences with today's Greek, who insultingly call them "Russians" Contemporary mainland Greeks also fear them, they are tougher and know how to fight, having grown up in some of the world's toughest neighborhoods. Unlike many contemporary mainland Greeks they have not fled from the public school system out of fear of the Albanians and Gypsies --they stand their ground, earn respect on the street and would not be the type to cower in fear of a Turk or an Albanian on a battlefield. In short, they still make me proud to say I am Greek, and moreover, Pontic Greek. Not suprisingly , Pontic Greeks ,generally speaking , also consider today's Greek as duplicitous, effeminate and weak. I can understand.

Cypriots I knew in college told me that the Pontic Greeks who first came to Cyprus were also mistreated. A recent news article from Cyprus confirms their story:

An investigation into insurance discrimination was sparked by an interview with a Pontian Greek that appeared in Politis newspaper. In it the man had been forced to walk, despite having a car, because insurance companies would not cover his vehicle.

The same article cites official charges of racism and xenophobia. Which raises yet another point of how the Greek mind has been subject to moronic leftist reasoning. These very Pontic greeks qualified for Greek or Cypriot citizenship based on our archaic and sane genos criteria for citizenship. There are already legislations in play as we speak to do away with the genos. To my knowledge Greece and Cyprus may be the only EU countries which still have an official genos or blood criteria for citizenship. Something tells me that will also be legally altered soon.

Then Greeks can be left with a colorful assortment of Near Easterners and Africans who they could not legally discriminate against, because , in contrast to my brothers, those bastards will truly be xenoi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read things like this, and I have to laugh. The Pontic Greeks are more manly than the other Greeks? Really? Do you have scientific proof for this?

There is one reason why we Greeks have fallen as low as we currently are, and that is because of people like yourself who incite Greeks to go at one another with thoughtless remarks like this one that you have posted on your blog. If we were ever united, we might be great, but as you show, that is impossible. It has been impossible in teh 20th century, during Byzantium, and during the Ancients. It's been our downfall, and it will continue to be.

1:43 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Today's average homophile Greeks have no relation to the rigor,discipline and faith of their Byzantine ancestors-- it's like rock pigeons tracing their ancestry to the mighty Allosaur.

You claim that one reason why we Greeks have fallen so low is because people like myself incite Greeks "to go at one another", so me and my Pontic Greek brothers conducted a scientific poll. Guess what we learned? 99% of Pontic Greeks blame our fall on Anonymous! 1% was undecided, but we later found out he was not Pontic, so we kicked his ass.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you even read Byzantine history? The decadence, the corruption, the femininity, the hubris of those ancestors. Not only that, but also the fact that those mighty "Allosaurs" were at each others throats throughout time.

As I stated, this has been going on for eternity.

So continue being a bigot and simple-minded. Serves the cause well.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...


You have missed the entire theme of this entry. The current degenerate-Greeks of Greece are wholly unappreciative that there is a pool of Greeks that can be drawn on who ARE Greeks. Unlike the various genotypes of hordes serving the profiteers of the degenerate-Greek political establishment and the degenerate-Greek business community.The rock pigeons. Read the whole entry, read the news article its linked to. Try to be objective and not subjective. Moreover, if you want ONE example of why Greeks have fallen so low, don't point to a little low frequency blog run by a bigot , just go into the bathroom and take a look in the mirror.

The job of backward, provincial villager types is not to make critiques and make requests, as if I am a DJ taking favorites. Your job is simply to wait on the sidelines, eagerly expecting my next little pearl of wisdom.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posts keep disappear. I suspect this one will to as I earlier asked an innocent question on why posts are deleted. In one of your posts (that you deleted), you made the claim that the anonymous poster of the above comments deleted them.

But that cannot be true as only the owner of the blog can delete anonymous posts.

What are you afraid of? You obviously know quite a bit, so I am perplexed why you avoid debates so quickly. Please note, I am not looking to argue with you, just trying to understand the person behind the blog as it helps me (and others) understand the content of the blog.

12:46 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

I honestly did not delete those post. The only posts/comments I consistently delte are those emanating from "Balls and dust" becuase of crude and offensive remarks.

I like debate too. I believe there are some technical difficulties with blogger, or something more ominous has happened beyond my control. The poss. that I may have been hacked.

Keep posting please. And bear with me.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

> technical difficulties ...

Which is why I try not to buy one of those highly computerized cars. Too many things to go wrong!

I will tell you that I frequently read your blog and hellenicempire. Sometimes I check both blogs several times a day when I feel like a break from work. So I have observed several posts by "ball and dust" over on hellenicempire and the argument you had with him over the "sex and the city" post prior to its deletion. I find his posts at hellenicempire to be informative, and not at all to be crude or offensive.

With regards to your argument with him, it is my opinion that he took you to task over rather strong remarks against certain women. I did notice that you reserved much stronger language against the women than against your friend (equally immoral in my opinion). In that case, he had a valid argument. In addition, you did throw the first stone and did use more crude and offensive remarks.

That is just my impression. I really don't care personally. I do not want to argue with you because I do enjoy your blog. Greatly in fact.

12:44 PM  

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