Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First Homosexual Parade In Athens

I recently came across this sad news about the first homosexual parade in our Fatherland. There are reports that the so-called "progressive" party of the left , Synaspismos, played a prominent part in organizing this new event.

To my knowledge, individuals and established Greek Nationalist political parties and factions, did absolutely nothing to counter this direct assault on our Nation's family ,cultural and religious traditions.

Two other Orthodox countries also had recent, first "gay pride" parades in their capitals. Unlike our acquiescent populace, these displays were met there with counter-demonstrations.

In Serbia, the reaction was most militant:

Police fired in the air in a bid to disperse several hundred anti-gay nationalists who stoned and beat homosexual activists taking part in the first-ever Gay Pride parade in Yugoslavia

They shouted "Serbia for the Serbs and not for gays" and "This is an Orthodox country where there will be no immorality."

And just a few weeks ago, it was reported here that the first homosexual parade in Romania was also met with counter demonstrations.

At this point in time, I can agree with a comrade who noted to me in a recent conversation that there are at present no Orthodox Christian countries left in the world. In stark contrast to Catholicism, which can boast of at least a few countries that criminalise abortions , for instance, and have been known to legally bar homosexual activism in various manifestations.

The Greek Nation has fallen so low.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The decadent and corrupt Greek establishment tries to do away with National/military and student parades, while at the same time it secretly encourages homosexual "pride" parades. The message is that it is a shame to celebrate and honor National holidays, but it is honorable to be a kinedos. Then, some wonder why the country goes down the drain.

3:38 AM  
Anonymous slsplb said...

Is there any militant spirit in the nationalist parties in Greece ?. Yes there are nationalist organizations and affiliations but I am not aware of any militant or assertive political activities. It would have have been expected that a counter demonstration or loud and boisterous protestations against the pushtaras, even as a token protest, to have taken place. Maybe it did not happen because being summertime most of Athens is vacated by Athenians ?, and in contrast the pushty population is exponentially increased by the influx of tourists and other fellow travellers in harmony with sodomite tendencies.The mere fact that the establishment allows such a debauchery and execrable manifestation to go on display is enough to raise one's hair on stand.

8:24 AM  

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