Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Homosexual Movement's Greek Agenda

Early this morning, I caught a panel discussion on ERT, that included an activist in the homosexual movement in Greece, a psychiatrist and a Greek Orthodox priest all moderated by a heavily make-upped Greek female host.

The homosexual activist and the psychiatrist were parroting each others contentions that homosexuality is a natural way of life that cannot be ignored by society and that there is no cure for what they deemed as natural sexual expressions that exist in the animal kingdom. To those of us in the West, these contentions are common place, what the homosexual proponents leave out is the clear distinction between humans and animals, for example, sane humans do not also throw around and/or eat their own feces like many animals do, and even the father of modern psychiatry ,Sigmund Freud, labeled homosexuality as abnormal. Nevertheless, the female host invited the priest to give his assessment as a representative of our church. The Father firstly, posited the fact that there is no evidence in DNA that homosexuality is inherited. Second, the Father offered specific examples from holy scriptures explicitly condemning homosexuality Father read from the Old Testament book of Leviticus, at which point the homosexual activist rudely barked "that sounds like Hitler", the priest , to our credit, was very composed and did not become distracted by the activist's,to be expected ,blasphemy. The Father went on to cite that The New Testament also uses specific language to note the great sin of homosexuality, specifically the writings of Apostle Paul.

Soon after this the homosexual activist delivered a long, hyper-emotional,red-in-the-face diatribe on "Christianity burning people alive and giving mankind 2,000 years of slavery and theocratic fascism" In stark contrast to the Priest who was composed and exact in his statements, the homosexual activist spat out sweeping condemnations during this panel "discussion" peppered with references to "fascism" and "the far right" , key terms he also used to describe "the person who wrote that book" (blasphemously referring to the Holy Scriptures)

At this point ERT flashed a series of video clips, starting with the "Stonewall Incident" ( a key part of modern "gay history" this involves a police attempt to shut down a homosexual bar called Stonewall in the pre-dominantly homosexual Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City during the 1960s and the incident quickly devolved into a riot and "sit-in" protest eventually coming to symbolize "the gay rights movement", not surprisingly the homosexuals caught on videotape, also used the Hitler/Nazi cliche, they were shown giving the police a "Nazi salute" ) , soonafter came a back to back gallery of "gay pride" parades in various Western European cities, a short clip on the current openly homosexual mayor of Paris, and as has become typical for Greek television-- depictions of the last American presidential election, when "gay marriage" became one of the major "topics of democratic debate".

This video gallery of Western faggotry, for lack of a better term, was followed up by a call by the female host to follow the examples of a list of northern European countries she rattled off, and introduce "gay marriage" into Greece(!) So much for objectivity....

I often have difficulty sitting through such farcical cheap propaganda displays that are commonly run on State and Private Greek television. Maybe I'm wasting my time? No , I am wasting my time....


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