Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Romanian Nationalists Versus The Homosexual Movement

The Romanian Nationalist organization Noua Dreapta has made counter-demonstrations of the high-profile international homosexual movement a major part of its organization's actions. If you search their website you will notice a number of photos of demonstrations regarding the advance of the homosexual movement into their Nation. Romania's government, under intense pressure from Western "human rights" organizations, and against the pleas of Romania's Orthodox Christian Church, decriminalised Romania's sane anti-sodomy/anti-homosexual laws, which ironically were religiously enforced by the previous communist regimes. Here's a recent Noua Dreapta press release:

On the 28th of May there took place in Bucharest the first Gay Parade ever organised in Romania. Considering this type of manifestation as an offense against common-sense and moral ethics, the neo-legionary movement Noua Dreapta (New Right) organized a counter-demonstration, reckoning that saying \"NO\" to homosexuality is not a prejudice, but the manifestation of a system of values based on the Holy Scriptures and the traditional values of the Romanian family.

Over 50 militants shouted \"Shame on you!\" carrying placards with the message \"For normality, against homosexuality\". Subsequently, Noua Dreapta\'s protest, that took place in the vicinity of Saint Spiridon Church, degenerated due to the police violence our militants being fined with over 150 million ROL (almost 5000 EUR).

As a natural continuation of our protest against homosexuality, a major factor in our society\'s moral crumbling, Noua Dreapta initiated a wide campaign to gather signatures to re-incriminate the homosexual propaganda and public manifestations.

The anti-sodomy/anti-homosexual criminal laws in Greece were quietly overturned in the early 1980s under the tutelage of Papandreou's PASOK glory days , leading to the opening of scores of "gay clubs" and the emergence of a homosexual tourist industry in some parts of Greece that fills the coffers of the Greek political establishment.


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