Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Homosexuals Temporarily Blocked At UN By Papists And Muslims

News is this latest measure by the homosexual movement has been temporarily slowed down, it's a shame that our church is not vocal on the growing threat of the homosexual movement in these international organizations, unlike the Papists and Muslims. It's bad enough that the UN advocates abortion and the Annan plan for Cyprus...Haven't they killed enough ?

"It has been two years since Brazil first tabled their draft resolution at this Commission seeking to condemn discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. We deeply regret that this Commission is still not ready to address that resolution today."

Behind the scenes homosexual activists from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission along with other activist groups have been working for two years since Brazil first introduced the resolution.

Initially, opposition to the proposal from the Vatican, and the Organization of Islamic states and many other countries succeeded in delaying consideration of the measure. While activists believed that 2005 would be a ripe time for the proposal, the alarming fruits of the measure have been realized in Canada, and other nations with the world beginning to take notice.

Where is Orthodox Christianity?


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