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The Turkish newspaper Zaman reports that "Starbucks Coffee is now to promote Turkish coffee all around the world."

This type of Coffee is also known as "Greek Coffee" as well as "Middle Eastern Coffee" and has at times been named after a number of adjacent regions--"Armenian Coffee" , "Yugoslavian Coffee" et al. . Why Turkish? Considering how much Starbucks affects popular culture with its world wide outlets, one can't help but think there is something, or someone , behind , this.....


"Howard Shultz, the chairman of Starbucks is an active zionist. In 1998 he was honoured by Israel with 'The Israel 50th Anniversary Tribute Award' for his services to the zionist state. His work as a propagandist for Israel has been praised by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as being key to Israels long-term PR success. Recently whilst the Israeli army was slaughtering Palestinians in Jenin, Nabulus and Bethlehem he made a provocative speech blaming the Palestinians of terrorism and asking people to unite behind Israel.. Starbucks has investments in Israel - a joint venture with Israeli conglomerate Delek Group for Starbucks outlets in Israel ( Shalom Coffee Co)."


Blogger Deucalionite said...

Hey adelphe.

I never knew that the chairman of Starbucks was a Zionist. That definitely explains why Starbucks is selling "Turkish coffee."

Coffee beans, and their effects on the human body, were discovered in Africa. These beans eventually fell in the hands of the Arabs and coffee was made.

The Ottomans have "Turkish coffee" only because they acquired it from previous Arab empires in the Middle East. In 1683, the Battle of Vienna was won by the Austrians and many bags of coffee beans were left by the Ottomans. In 1685, the first coffee house was built in Austria.

For Starbucks to sell "Turkish coffee" shows that the relationship between Israel and Turkey is still existant. However, the relationship is doing poorly now compared to previous years.

In fact, Turkey is struggling to adapt to the changes in the Middle East as it tries to gain support from other nations (in order to prevent the Kurds from gaining independence). Naturally, the Israelis and the Americans are finding Greece to be a more worthy ally (for base installations).

Nice post adelphe. Keep up the good work!

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Hey bro, you dropped out for a while. How was your college graduation?

The Turkish-Zionist alliance is at least one hundred years old, some even trace it back to the 1400s when the turks invited the expelled Iberian Jews East. There have been whispers that Israel aided Turkey in its invasion of Cyprus in 1974 , and during the Hellenic Genocide the jews were instrumental. Wonder why no Jews were massacred?

Greece would be very naive to count on the the US and Israel to save her. Jewish hatred of Greeks runs deep, as far back as the Chanukkah story.

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

My college graduation went well. Thank you for asking adelphe. However, I did not like having Hillary Clinton as the guest spokesperson for the class of 2005. She voted for the Iraq war and her speech during the ceremony was mostly unsubstantiated political conjecture.

I sat right next to a graduate who protested against Hillary during the ceremony. I know his name, but I think it would be best to keep him anonymous. Anyway, I sat next to him and as Hillary began her speech, he took out this sign from underneath his gown that had the following written on it:


1600 GRADS
1700 DEAD


He stood up wearing a plastic garbage bag for a mask, and held a piece of rope in each one his hands. He stood up on his chair and shouted to Hillary, "It's your war, Hillary!"

Even before he stood up one of the graduates nearby me said "oh, no!" as the protestor was preparing his things.

As the protestor was standing, all of the graduates (except me) told him in an angry tone to sit down. One of the graduates sitting behind him pushed him down. I tried to help him so that he would not end up hurting himself or anyone else, and I told him nicely and whisperingly to sit down.

I believe that neither Hillary nor the majority of the families that came to the ceremony were able to read the sign or hear the protestor's voice.

I talked to the protestor and told him that he was bold. We discussed politics, and it was he who informed me about the fact that Hillary Clinton supported the Iraq War. He told me that he wanted to stand up for at least 45 seconds in order to get the attention of the crowd. He even said that he was going to give Hillary the sign when it was his turn to get his diploma. Hillary Clinton, unfortunately, left before it was time for the graduates to get on stage and get their diplomas.

We talked and talked as the ceremony went on. I asked him about his ethnic background and he told me that he was a mixture of European peoples, and Native American from Canada. He was a very intelligent person, and was very bold in his attempts to get his political message across to the other graduates. When he asked me about my ethnicity, I naturally told him that I was 100% Greek. He told me that he assumed that because Greece was at the crossroads of civilization, that the Greeks were a heterogeneous race. I told him that the Greeks always had a mentality that allowed them to preserve their race, ethnos, culture, religion, and language. He took my word for it since I told him that I have been studying Greek history for many years.

Overall, I had a nice discussion with this person and am proud of him for having the guts to stand up while everyone else wavered.

On a side note, there was a "Macedonian" two seats to my right who told me to "chill" only because I was laughing hysterically at the jokes being made during the ceremony. I wanted to tell her to stuff it, but I was in a good mood. Someone screamed "yeah!" or something of the sort while a speech was being made. The jokes were just priceless. A big blow-up doll was inflated and passed around up until a member of the school faculty stopped all of the fun.

Overall, I had fun. I am glad that I am an official graduate. I feel very accomplished.

As for the Turkish-Zionist alliance, it may very well come to an end regardless of the centuries shared between Ottomans and Jews. To be honest, the only reason why the Jews supported the Ottomans was because the Ottoman Empire served Jewish interests. The interests of that day and age (1400's) entailed Jewish survival from Christian extremists (i.e. Spanish Inquisition, etc.).

Now that the state of Israel exists (since 1948), the interests of both Israelis and Zionists have changed. The interests of the Israelis and the Zionists is to ensure the protection of Israel. Israel is capitalizing on the chaos that is occurring in the Middle East and will forsake their historically rich relationship with the Turks in order to fulfill those interests.

Even though the Israelis hate the Greeks for the events that made Channukah a Jewish holiday, they should not ignore the greater damages made by the Romans and the Nazis. The Greeks are not imperialists nor do they intend on committing acts of genocide against people. They fight and kill only to defend themselves and their country. Nothing more, nothing less.

I agree with you that Greece should not trust the United States or Israel. However, in these changing times, Greece needs to have an edge in its relations with foreign nations in order to survive. Major changes in geopolitical boundaries are going to occur against Turkey and Greece needs as much help as possible in order to ensure the protection of its national sovereignty. Turkish airplanes constantly violating Greek airspace shows that the Turkish state is desperate and wants to show off its might. Harry Truman said that nations that spend more time with their governments instead of their people are the first to go. Turkey is no exception.

Take for example the Roman Empire. When the Huns arrived, the Romans were not strong enough to defeat the barbarians. They were forced to rely on the help of the Visigoths whose empire was located in Iberia. As the Romans and the Visigoths worked together, the Huns were defeated at Chalons in 453 A.D. Even though the Western Roman Empire fell in 476 A.D., it was able to acquire an extra 23 years of life due to the Roman alliance with the Visigoths.

Greece does not necessarily need the U.S. or Israel. Rather, it needs to establish good relations so as not to create unnecessary enemies. As times change, so do interests.

Later adelphe.

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

I'm sorry that your college commencement was capped with a speech by yuppie feminist ice queen Hillary , she should be a poster woman for American Wives holding up one of her Starbucks paper coffee cups.Makes sense since her husband is on record telling crowds of Zionists, that he would "get in the trenches and fight and die for Israel". I came across some stuff on the web on Hillary and Starbucks, considering the Clinton fondness for Starbucks Coffee, since this is a thread under , STARBUCKS IS EVIL, apparently one of the Clinton servants reveals in an old article on the web titled " N.C. AIRPORT MANAGER ONCE RUBBED ELBOWS WITH PRESIDENTS " that " Bill and Hillary hankered for Starbucks coffee, Texas beef, beef ribs and pork barbecue." Funny.

Isn't it pathetic that American College commencements are based on how much pull a College president has on getting a politician to spew some bullshit from a lectern. it's fitting in a way.BTW, i read that fat-boy Karamanlis spoke to Tufts University's commencement--doesn't it make you feel like a proud Greek? (insert sarcasm)

It seems that for practically all of recorded human history the Jews somehow get blamed for wars and misery, get expelled from one place to another, and always proclaim ,with a smug pout of innocence "Why Us?" Do we see a pattern here?

I really doubt that Jews care about who has a history of genocide and who doesn't. After all, their only friends in the world these days are America,Germany and Turkey.

Since you mention the momentary lease on life the Romans got from teaming up with Visigoths, it's interesting that many centuries later, the Byzantine Greek Romans were also one of the first to team up with and arm Muslim Turks, for another momentary lease on life. Not to mention their-- on again , off again-- teaming up with the Franks.See another pattern here?

It's nice that you have some wishful thinking about Greece's future bro.

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

Modern universities are all about three things: money, fame, and influence. Going to a college is no different from going to a day-care center for young adults.

It is true that I learned a plethora of knowledge from my university, but all I got for my hard work was just a name I can use to leverage myself in life. A name is good. Image is important. However, there is a difference between a good facade and a good foundation. If a facade has no substance, expect it to fall. My university is located in a crappy town where the locals hate you just for being a college student. The campus grounds look as if they have not been renovated in decades and all students pay a whopping 40 grand a year. I am giddy with joy at the mere thought of this.

I met many good people and learned a lot of essential things that will help me succeed in my field as a future geopolitical analyst. However, my collge experience could have been better. Oh well. College is over, so screw it. I am not donating a single dime to my college. Sorry, but I paid too much and got too little to be in a generous mood.

Adelphe, my wishful thinking may come off as naive at times. I can accept that. However, history has shown that Greece and the Greeks can deal with all sorts of severe adversities.

Also, like the United States, the Israelis do not have allies, they have interests. Being that the United States has Israel as its protectorate, all interests of the United States are oriented around fulfilling the interests of Israel. If Israel is threatened by Turkey, then the so-called "friendship" between Israel and Turkey will fizzle. It is happening even as we speak.

As for the Byzantine Empire, the medieval Greeks (Rhomaions) were very intelligent in the field of geopolitics. They acquired many "leases on life," because they were smart enough to not repeat the same mistakes of the Western Roman Empire. It is true that they were allies of the Turks for a while, but keep in mind that if the Byzantines had not been keen on how to deal with the numerous barbarians existant during the medieval period, then the Byzantine Empire would have fallen way before 1453 A.D.

I have faith in Greece and the Greeks, because the majority of Greeks want to live in a homogenous nation that they can be proud of for many years to come. Again, my wishful thinking may sound naive at times, but it is definitely substantiated by my constant research of geopolitics in both historical and current events. When I state something, I am usually right on the money. If I make a mistake, then I accept it and move on with my life.

I know for a fact that all of Greece's problems will be solved. There is a lot of dynamism brewing in Greece just waiting to come out into the limelight and make a difference in Greek affairs.

Later adelphe. It is nice to know that there are brothers like you who love Greece and share the same nationalist sentiments as I do.

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Blogger Johnny said...

Fellows, I also happen to like the positive attitude of Deucalionite. It inspires me to be less dejected and defeatist when I analyze Greece's situation.

Keep it up, D. We need fresh, dynamic, energetic, and above all positive minds like you. Naiveté is another thing. However, I prefer a little candidness (candor?) to a cynical sourpuss who always get down on his luck and the fate of his people.

Greeks have way too much of that 'kakomoiri' (luckless fate) attitude as it is.

D's positivism is a refreshing change from what I've been accustomed to amongst my people. Traditionally, the only vigorously active and positive patriotes I knew of were the quixotic socialists/commies who were out to 'change their world' beginning with ruining their country.

Anyway, about the Hanukkah story, I just wanted to make clear that the portrayal of the Maccabean revolt as an uprising of Jews against Hellenism is very inaccurate.

The violence and insurrection were primarily directed toward Menelaus (the Greek name of a Hellenizing Jew) and his band of extremist Hellenizers, the Tobiads.

When Antiochus cracked down to put down the violence, all the Jews revolted, but their action was not at all to overthrow any alleged Hellenic yoke, and the supposed Greek tyranny.

Had that been the case, why did the Jewish rulers after the demise of the Seleucid empire, go on to adopt Hellenic names (among many other Jews, please note), and furthermore, why did the acceptance and thriving of Hellenism in that region not disappear along with the Seleucids?

Simple fact: Hellenism wasn't the enemy of the Jews that many people would have us believe it was. The tyrannical Menelaus and his extremists were the real target of the uprising, which incidentally resulted in the destruction and pillage of many pagan temples and properties as a side casualty, but nobody bothers to talk about this oppression.

Congrats again on the graduation, D!

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

Thank you Niko. I really appreciate the positive feedback. I too deal with a lot of pessimism from Greeks when it comes to politics. To be honest, I am kind of fed up with it. However, I persevere and it seems that many Greeks are turning a new leaf. In reality, many Greeks are beginning to realize that if they do not take control of their country, someone else will. Greeks are educated people and are very patriotic. The reason why there are Greeks who are pessimistic is because the problems that Greece faces seem too great to hanlde.

In reality, the Greeks have faced far worse calamities and were able to stand tall in the end and create civilizations that would last for centuries (if not millenia). The problems of modern Greece are indeed great and do in fact affect all Greeks. However, these problems can all be solved. All it needs is better organization of the political, social, economic, and military facets of the Greek nation.

I read an article from the Hellenic Front website (Greek version since the English version is not updated on a consistent basis) that discussed about the Hellenic Front's decision to merge (or at least work closely) with L.A.O.S. Some would assume that this is a bad decision. However, this is proof of the point I have been making throughout my comments. Greek patriots are gaining more clout and strength in Greece. The fact that the Hellenic Front and L.A.O.S are teaming up shows that Greek patriots are more concerned about solving the issues that plague Greek domestic affairs rather than squabble for power and wealth.

The more patriotic parties unite, the better it is for Greece and the Greeks. Some would say that I have, in a sense, "blind faith" in the patriotic organizations that currently exist in Greece. However, if I were to discover that a patriotic party committed a serious crime, then I would be very dissappointed. However, patriotic parties have the tendency to rectify their mistakes as opposed to some other parties that prefer to waste their time blaming others for their own mistakes. Greek patriots want what is best for Greece and the Greek people. If they make mistakes, then fine. Correct them and move on. All problems have their solutions. Bickering and complaining only wastes the time that can be spent solving the problems. The patriotic parties do not provide promises to the Greek people, they provide actions. That will always verify the value of a Greek's vote towards a patriotic party.

Anyway, thank you Niko for congratulating me on my graduation. As for your comments on Channukah, I completely forgot about the fact that the Jews continued to adopt Greek names and maintain Greek culture even after the fall of the Seleucid Empire. Keep in mind though that they still preserved their Judaic roots. The other statements you made pertaining to the Tobiads and Menelaus were very interesting and shows how the difference between real history and the history perverted by many propaganda machines for corrupt ends. Granted propaganda has its moments in rallying the people to a good cause, if based on falsehoods, it does more damage than good.

On a sidenote, I am very proud of you for having read your comment on eXile about Brecher's article glorifying the Turks. To be honest, the juvenile response made against your very mature and coherent post proves that eXile is not a reliable source. Thank you for helping me see through the people at eXile being that before I used to read their articles provided by (good website). I sent them e-mails, but I think my yahoo account was not able to send my messages. Oh well. At least I tried. Plus, your response, in my opinion, would have very well represented all of the sentiments felt by Greek nationalists everywhere. Thank you. You have done a great service (even if it was a waste of your time) for Greek nationalism. Bravo adelphe.

Keep up the good work and thank you for complementing me on my optimism.

Later adelphe.

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Blogger Johnny said...


You're reinforcing my position on many of these matters. The decision by Voridis and his cohorts at Metopo to seek conciliation with LAOS is a courageous one, and I think a wise one. After all, their common objectives and strengths far outweigh their differences.

The defense of their noble values, shared by so many Greeks, not to mention the defense of Greek soverignty against Turkish and other foreigners' designs, are well-served by this union.

This promises to be a great moment for the country and the patriots. Greeks (like all people) are drawn by power or the promise of victory. The stronger the patriotic front becomes, the more popular it will be.

This will obviously present its challenges, but as well very many good things will result, not the least of which will be greater political pull, and a more resounding voice in Greece and Europe.

Re the Hanukkah, you are absolutely right that these people retained their Judaic roots. I would expect nothing less from a people as strong as they are, just as I am not at all surprised by all that we as Greeks have retained after so many centuries of oppression and adversity, that continues to this very day.

However, the Hellenizing current amongst Jews of that period was instrumental in creating a segment of Jewish society that was independent of the theocracy of their religious leaders, or Temple Judaism as it was known.

There was a socio-cultural element completely divorced of religious control, that was freer and more creative than anything Jews prior to that period were familiar with.

This embracing of Hellenism by many Jews for centuries resulted in the philosophy of the Stoics, among other intellectual pursuits.

One can make the argument that the Hellenistic tradition is really what made the Jews as strong as they are.

Several reputable Jewish scholars will say the same thing, dating back to their earliest historian, Flavius Josephus.

That they remained Jews cannot be disputed. But they were enlightened and completely enthralled by the gifts of Hellenism. It's only recently that some people would have us believe that the 'Jewish light' banished the Greek darkness, or some such nonsense.

In reality, after standing so near to our light for several generations, many of them decided to step out of their shade and experience for themselves the splendors we had to offer.

Re: the exile article, I just now visited the link you provided and I was quite frankly astounded to remark that I obviously hit a major nerve with my seemingly benign comments. Wow! I thought I was even being polite! C'est la vie.

Thanks for your kind words, adelphe!

Always nice to chat...


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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Nikos and Deucalionate, I just want to thank both of you fellows for the enthusiaism which you have for a liberated Hellas , one that can be a Nation freed from its shackles. Your positive approaches and keen eyes for historical detail are a great contribution to this blog.

Have eitheir of you heard of the late Rabbi Kahane , who founded the "Kach' movement in Israel? Anyway, Kahane throughout his political career was full of venom for Hellenism and Hellenists and described then as the greatest threat to the Jews. granted he was seen as an extremist in mainstream Jewish society, yet I wonder if the idea of Hellenism as a deadly threat is not somehow ingrained in Jewish religion/culture? I came across intteresting material on the web on how the Kach movement in Israel even intends to seize Cyprus as part of Greater Israel.

About LAOS and Hellenic Front, it seems that they had cordial relations for years. The last major election in Greece only got some 6,000 votes for Hellenic Front, so who knows how much this swelled LAOS's ranks ? Since LAOS did manage to get over 200,000 votes. In any case, a united front seems the best option.

Later Bros,

2:11 AM  
Blogger Johnny said...

HN, you are right, LAOS is by far the major force between the two patriotic parties, when it comes to numbers. Largely due to the media visibility and outspokenness of its leader Karatzaferis, no doubt.

Metopo is less populist in character, appealing primarily to self-made people, highly educated businessmen, leaders in the private sector, professionals (lawyers, consultants, accountants).

The parties complement each other well this way, as they are reaching different strata of Greek society.

Their goals and values are very similar; both are staunch anti-globalists, anti-illegal immigration, anti-New World Order (Nea taxi), and very supportive of Greek business and commerce.

There were recent elections of officials in the union confederation of Athens and the surrounding areas, and a very a-propos article by one of the Metopo-supported officials, Panagioti Douma concerning the threat to small- and medium-sized business which is caused by globalization, and primarily the shift of manufacturing to China.

Also, to specify on an earlier post, the Stoic school of philosophy was founded by the Greek Zeno in the 4th c BC. However, later on many Jewish philosophers contributed significantly to this philosophy, in my opinion, largely as a result of the draw of many Jews to Hellenism.

I had failed to be clear that Stoicism was a Greek invention and I take the opportunity now to do so. Who else but a Greek can come up with a philosophy of meeting fate head on without fear? Although, many Greeks nowadays, while accepting fate without fear, their resignation is often characterized by the complaining phrase 'a, i moira mou!'

Just thought I'd add some levity to the discussion.

Later, adelphia


6:18 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Karatzaferis is , don't forget, a media/communications person by training. If you check his bio , you will see that his schooling was in mass media and he also ran a television show in the diaspora, in Canada, where he made his first millions. The big difference between him and practically all other Greek politicans, with the exception of the leader of Golden Dawn, is that he is not a lawyer.

My conviction is that lawyers make poor revolutionaries, they are tied to procedures and protocols and cannot "think outside the box"

Lawyers are good for filling establishment positions, filling seats and repeating the same old tired rthetoric, like a Konstantopolous , for instance.

Karatzaefris has the more bombastic, and populist and contrarian syle. Yet I still think he is too guarded and I fault him for being a "soft nationalist" I'll never forget an interview of him back in 2004, before the elections in March, on X-tra 3, he was asked if he was against immigration, he said "i am only against illegal immigration,not legal immigration and i even hire immigrants, the people who hold the key to my house are immigrants" on his t.v. show teleasty he made a big deal of how his house cleaner was a Muslim family from Sri Lanka(?) To me, this seems kind of phoney.

He also sidestepped ,on the x-tra 3 iterview ,"the jewish question" and merely said he was against Israeli human rights violations and racist Zionism, this again sounds phoney.

What would distnguish him from PASOK with this kind of acquiescent, pussyfooting around crucial issues?

11:18 PM  
Blogger Johnny said...


Good post. Very accurate depiction of many lawyer-turned-politicians. However I have a feeling Voridis is not the typical guy to fit into this mold. History will prove us right or wrong.

I beg to differ on your last points regarding Karatzaferis. I do not remember that interview but I believe he did the right thing to side-step those thorny issues.

Granted, the Sri Lanka bit sounds a bit phoney on his side (reminiscent of that tired refrain by people who are being accused of racism, ie. 'i've got many friends who are...' (Black, Jewish, etc, fill in the blank)).

I think the LAOS leader acted appropriately to avoid the Jewish question, especially since there is no issue, just a trap of words, in my opinion, and a potentially career-limiting trap at that.

In the context of Greek politics today (or in any other period, for that matter), discussion of Jews is completely irrelevant, if not dangerous, at least in the public forum.

Karatzaferis' reply about the persecution and aggression perpetrated by the Israeli gov't and military, and sanctioned by the Zionists and pro-Zionists worldwide, was very relevant.

By doing so, he also illustrated that, like many of us, he likely has no quarrel with the average unaffiliated Jew, but rather with the often detrimental (both to Jews and non-Jews) efforts of Zionism and its powerful international web of supporters.

Holocaust questions and other such nonsense need not be dignified with responses.

I don't think Karatzaferis was pussy-footing at all, as you put it. He was simply being an astute and moderate politician, in order not to outrage the undecideds and empower his opposition.

Comparing him to a PASOKi for acting this way, is inaccurate. A PASOKi would have indulged the question, and would have spewed out all kinds of apologetic and remorseful nonsense concerning Jewish suffering as a result of the rampant anti-Semitism allegedly sweeping over Greece and Europe.

This would only lend legitimacy and validation to the (non)issue, and reinforce its manufactured importance in the Greek political discourse.

Later adelphe,


2:34 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

The very fact that the political establishment has imposed mandatory "Holocaust" education in Greece, and official "Holocaust" National Day of Remembrance and countless "Holocaust" monuments in Greece is just some of many examples of how there is a jewish problem in modern Greece. The very fact, that a Greek politican cannot seriously discuss these issues without feeling that he is falling into a "potentially career-limiting trap" is proof enough of a very real Jewish problem. This is no different from the common attitude by modern Greek politicans and even common Greeks who feel they cannot say anything positive about the Aprilist Revolution , or cannot question the farce known as "the Polytechnic University Massacre" it means that one is entering a realm of that which is unspeakable, so to speak.

In recent years international jewish organizations, have issued numerous denouncements of a wave of "anti-semitism" in Greece, the US State Department even has a Global Anti-Semitism Act , that monitors "anti-semitism" worldwide and has several pages denouncing Greece's "anti-semitism" on its most recent report.

Papandreou recently introduced legislation that would make "anti-semitism" a crime. This would provide a slippery-slope were even benign analysis of Israeli/Jewish support of Turkey, for instance, could be prosecuted in a court of law. Not to mention the fact, that there are plans to even allow international Jewish organizations to monitor "anti-semitism" within Greece itself.The very fact, that Greek mass media hovers all over every frequent case of vandalism (by Greeks?) of "Holocaust" monuments is proof positive of a very unbalanced power relationship, that is a problem

Holocaust Revisionist scholar Dr. Robert Faurisson said it best:

They do not really fear the variety of anti- Judaism improperly
called anti-semitism; on the contrary, they feed on it; they need to be able to cry out against anti-semitism, if only to collect
more money in the Diaspora; in general, moaning is of vital necessity to them: "The more I sob, the more I get; the more I get, the more I sob";

I do not expect modern Greeks, and most especially modern Greek politicans to confront this, they will deal with it like most,no, like all issues.

Much like the alcoholic who fails to acknowlege a problem , until one day waking up bloodied and broke on an unknown street , or dead.

And so on and so forth...

But at least Karatzaferis was the one politician to question Simitis's Jewish background in public. Not that there is a problem, of course.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Johnny said...

I stand corrected; the powers that be have made the Holocaust a contemporary issue in Hellas as well, you are absolutely right.

We must never pass legislation outlawing the right to doubt or question the truth in the Holocaust rhetoric. It is sheer tyranny.

It has already been proven that some of these stories were hoaxes.

As I like to say, the truth should not need laws to protect it.

Thanks for the info, bro, and for the Faurisson link.


8:25 PM  

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