Monday, May 23, 2005

The Whores,Sluts And Dried-Up Hags Of This World

As,Henry Makow PhD ,another anti-Zionist to add to our list,wrote in another clever essay on the West's demonic obsessions with promiscuity: "Casual sex is another form of masturbation, only more risk, trouble and often not as good. "

The first man to tell me this , in a round about way, was not Makow but a wise, highly spiritual, old Priest in the old calendarist church. In the wise old Pater's words "Use of condoms,with one's wife, is a form of masturbation and destructive to the soul, as are any other forms of sex, even with one's wife, which are not done for impregnation, according to the holy rudder"

New York City is a cesspool of lost souls who are bound to the demons of "casual sex." I had the displeasure of accepting a dinner invitation of a friend , hosted at the home of two , dried-up hags. My friend, actually a nominal Catholic and irreligious secularist who I have known since high school, enticed me into this dinner engagement with a claim that one of these hags is a "gourmet cook", her haphazard fish dish ended up giving me a case of the shits.

The conversation by the hags and my friend ,who plays along with them in hope of casual sex from one of the hags, centers around some bourg. blather about gourmet eateries in the city and the meaningless scope of their corporate employment. I crossed myself before eating their shitty, pretentious meal. Soon afterwards, one of the hags mentioned that "Sex In The City" , a cable tv. sitcom about dried-up thirtysomething hags always on the lookout for fornication or to bamboozle some sucker male, is her favorite t.v. show. In her own words, "No matter what men pass through their lives over the years, the female friends always stay friends and manage to stay together" (oooooooo ..)

I noticed a book by The Dalai Lama on their bookshelf, and they (the hags) remarked , "well, we are not religious, but we are very spiritual" How fitting.

These bitches were no spring chickens , by the way. The one who is coupled with my friend, looks exactly like Edith Bunker Pass me a barf bag.....

Towards the end of this evening of shit-kicking fun, the single hag authoritatively barked "Religion is oppressive" I emitted a silent, but stinky, fart on their couch. And hit the road.


Blogger iranianforaryans said...

hahahahaha! Good observations!

10:22 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Great Thanks, Iranian For Aryans.

As you would write,
"Haydn or Hell!"

9:26 AM  

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