Friday, May 20, 2005

A "filthy website"

One of the many fanatically pro-Jewish posters on Google's Group on Greece posted the link to this "filthy website"

No, it's not obscene, by at least our community standards. It is merely a site dedicated to a peacenik, anti-Zionist Jew.


Blogger Johnny said...

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Nikos, thanks for posting here.

Shamir is also a writer I read from time to time, if you check the archived blog entries here at Hellenic Nationalist blog , you will find some of his work. I read his article on Agion Oros, I think, though, that he reached a flawed conclusion and it seems that he caters his opionions to everyone, or rather, that he is simply selling himslf to everyone and no one in particular.

Shahak is the stronger scholar. He lived through the Second World War and has publicly re-examined the many exagerrations and falsehoods attached to the jewish "Holocaust" story. Also he took care to translate anti-Christian tracts of the Talmud into english as well as translate revealing articles from the Israeli press.Arab nationalist, Ahmed Rami, has an extensive archive of Shahak's work in his anti-Zionist site, Radio Islam,

Other anti-Zionist Jews of prominence that come to mind include the prolific authour Noam Chomsky--who is also an ultraliberal and philomarxist, thus many of his books have been translated into Greek. And American Jewish politcal professor Norman Finkelstein:

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

One more thing. In my humble opinion, Norman Finkelstein is the most effective anti-Zionist Jew these days. His landmark book , "The Holocaust Industry", is a well referenced study of a timely and destructive issue, and has gone on to become a bestseller in many quarters. Just visit his site to read about how much he has been targetted by prominent manistream Jews as well as by major Jewish organizations.

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Blogger Johnny said...

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