Saturday, May 07, 2005

Designs On "Salonika" By Jewish American Pundits

Thessaloniki has been the subject of several Jewish "Holocaust" pundits throughout the past decade, re-transcribed under the Sephardic Jewish name of "Salonika". As far back as the mid-1990s , Jewish American "Holocaust" pushers have advanced their mythical ethnic story of persecution by Christians to new heights by implicating Greeks in their widely circulated story about the Second World War, Hellenic Nationalist Page duly responded with a then timely analysis of one of the now many Jewish American "Holocaust" pundits.

Robert D. Kaplan, advanced Jewish territorial aspirations for "Salonika" as far back as 1994, with his unscholarly anti-Christian screed Balkan Ghosts. This juvenile tome of Kaplan's went on to become American president Clinton's bedside reading and the major inspiration for Clinton's mission to launch a bombing campaign on Serbia.

In today's Sunday New York Times and in the widely circulated International Herald Tribune Kaplan reviews a fellow Jewish American pundit's book , Jewish "Holocaust" pundit Mark Mazower makes little attempt to hide his pro-Turk ,anti-Greek Jewish bias:

And then, with the Greco-Turkish War of 1921-23, the remnant of Salonika's Turkish population fled to Turkey, while Greek refugees from Anatolia arrived daily. Mazower says that the departure of the city's Muslims in the 1920s presaged the murderous ethnic cleansings of the 1990s.

Nice selective memory there, old Mazower and Kaplan. At least they note that the Turks merely departed, whilst the Greeks had been subject to an original and all too-familiar Holocaust.


Blogger Deucalionite said...

I have a copy of Kaplan's book entitled "Balkan Ghosts." Even though it possesses interesting historical and geopolitical information, it is very anti-Greek.

The anti-Greek bias of Kaplan's work reminds me of Fallmerayer's work back in the 19th century. Thankfully, Fallmerayer's thesis pertaining to "Greeks being Slavs" was quickly refuted.

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