Monday, May 09, 2005

The Greek Church And The Homosexual Movement

The newly appointed Metropolitan of The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOARCH) for San Francisco , Bishop Gerasimos had this to say about "gay marriage" in an interview with a San Francisco newspaper:

"They should have the benefits and civil rights of the state, but this is not a sacramental union our church will ever sanctify,'' he said. "But civil marriage, in the spirit of American democracy, they have the right to ask for that.''

Granted the GOARCH is under the canonical jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople, whose see not only includes the Americas, but also swathes of Greece , such as Macedonia and the Dodecanesian islands. It is understood that America was not even founded by Christian men , but rather by masonic ideologists who envisioned a "separation of Church and State". Yet, our spiritual tradition mandates that , in essence our spiritual leaders must interpret social morality and at the very least pontificate on its standard for their flock and in their see. In effect, this Bishop is abdicating his authority to the world with this public statement and his responsibility as witness, at the very least he is granting an accommodation with the world. Thus far, this bishops radical statements on morality have not been met with a clarification or retraction by his canonical superior(s). It's unfortunate because this makes our public image seem even more liberal than that of the Catholics. Moreover, in this particular case where American culture is counter to basic Christian morality, the church has a responsibility to be counter-cultural, it has failed us miserably in that regard.


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