Friday, May 20, 2005

Logical question

"Bartholomaios I" works with Cuban bolshevik leader Fidel Castro, this letter gets to the core of how I begin to feel when thinking of this divisive and liberal Turkish citizen, also known as The EP, Ecumenical Patriarch.

Why does a prelate, hierarch, patriarch or monarch style himself, or allow himself to be styled "The First"?

To be called the First, there have to be _at least_ *two* successors after the first one, of the same name....

Thus "Bartholomaios I" sounds ridiculous to my ears!

If there are _two_ of the same name, one can and should say proteros, hysteros: former -- latter; pere -- fils; senior -- junior (elder -- younger; or as in former times, in the "King James" Bible, greater -- lesser)

For a _primus_, _protos_ to be spoken of, there have to be at least three....

It goes the same as adjectives:
positive: one, absolute, alone: good, great, little, old.
comparative (comparing _two_): -- better, greater, less/lesser, older/elder
superlative (comparing _three_ or more): -- (the) best, greatest, least, (the) oldest/eldest....

Does Bartholomaios I expect to name a namesake heir?


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