Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Holy Metropolis Of The Genuine Greek Orthodox Church Of America

I included the link to the Holy Metropolis in Astoria, New York onto the link section of this blog. This is the only church I have ever seen in America that not only the flies the Greek Byzantine flag , but also the red Greek Byzantine battle flag. The Holy Metropolis publishes a scholarly newspaper, Romiosni, albeit infrequently. The newspaper's last issue, had portraits of a Frankish Knight juxtaposition next to Mohammedan Turkish invaders, with the heading 1204 and 1453, THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPOLE, unique for a church publication in America it makes a serious case for the Frankish West's contribution to Greek demise. Just to let you know, the ESSAYS/ARTICLES section on theological and historical themes has been updated , a comprehensive book review of Constantine's Sword: The Church And The Jews , looks like a very interesting read.


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