Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ruminations blog and Radio Islam website

Hellenic Nationalist blog is essentially a contrarian blog from my perspective. As such , critiques of the West and its destructive downward spiral , as well as the rape and enslavement of Hellas under the tyranny of Western domination is one of the most tantamount concerns of this blog.

I am including a blog and a website to my links , that do not directly deal with issues pertaining to Hellas and Hellenic issues directly, but do deal with the common element a Hellene would share with other denizens of the Levant, domination by the West--in the spiritual, cultural , physical and psychological realm. I , personally, do not necessarily agree with ALL beliefs of the Ruminations blog, which at times espouses extreme "Aryanism", nor do I agree with Radio Islam 's tangential concerns with Jewry's alleged support of Serbia. YET, overall, both are worthy to contributing to the forum of ideas and the overall goal of national liberation under different guises.

Ruminations blog is a reflection of the experiences of the writer , IRANIAN FOR ARYANS, in his words, " I love upsetting the apple cart. For example, I'm a quasi-National Socialist, pro-Western Iranian. I love classical music. Also, I'm a huge fan of Dreiser. " In my observations, IRANIAN FOR ARYANS, is a witty writer who provides keen commentary on issues of Jewish domination and the corruption of the West, particularly in the realm of popular Western culture.

Radio Islam website has been on the web , under various URLS , for a long time. The site was founded by Arab nationalist and revisionist Ahmed Rami. The Western mass media has described it as "the mother of all anti-Jew sites" and it has faced persecution by Europe's totalitarian social climate , moreover, the web is rife with Jewish pages attacking the site. The archival section has a wide array of online books and primary sources. Also, its new english page has a scholarly archive on historical Jewish domination over Kemalist Turkey, in its own words:

Turkey with its huge population, economic power and gigantic army is a potential Muslim power factor. But since the beginning of last century its political and military centers are occupied by members of a Jewish sect, the so called Sabbateans or 'doenmehs' (a group similar to the Marrano-Jews who where dominating Medieval Spain). Leading Jewish sources that we quote below concede to this fact, revealing that Kemal Ataturk himself, was nothing but a secret Sabbatean Jew! The present strategy of this clique apart from keeping their grip on political, military and economic power in the country, is to combat and halt the surge of resistance from the growing Islamist Movement and to strengthen ties beteween Turkey and their Jewish state of "Israel".


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