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True Counter-Culture

High circulation German magazine Der Spiegel reports : "German young people, faced with liberal parents who are tolerant about sex, drugs and rock and roll, are increasingly rebelling by turning to right-wing extremism. Neo-nazi fashion, music and ideology have become an ever important part of German youth culture."

We are, indeed, at an interregnum when the prevailing culture is touted as counterculture, and it is only a moment of time before that culture is....countered. One wonders how long it will take for this trend to reach Hellas? After all, mainstream Greeks like to think of themselves as Europeans, and what is more European than Germany?


Blogger Deucalionite said...

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

Interesting post adelphe. However, I think that mainstream Greeks are more Greek than European. They respect the better relations they have with other European nations, but they are not that willing to sacrifice their Greek identity (blood, language, culture, and religion) to embrace a greater degree of Europeanness.

Overall, your post is very good and proves that Europe is experiencing another resurgence in nationalism.

I kind of feel sorry for Germany being that Germans want to be proud of their ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious, and cultural roots, but are too shamed by the Holocaust. However, things are changing in Germany. In fact, the relations between Germany and Israel have normalized. Yet, Germans are sick and tired of being constantly reminded of the Holocaust. They feel that they spent enough time being sorry long enough.

Keep up the good work adelphe.

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

Sorry for the double post adelphe. I wanted to correct a mistake for one of my posts here and it ended up repeating itself.

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Germany per capita is Israel's greatest ally. In recent years, Grmany supplied Israel with state of the art submarines --free of charge. Not to mention the tens of billions of dollars Germany gave to Israel in the 50s and 60s that , almost singlehandedly, built all of Israel's infrastructure. Norman Finkestein's study "The Holocaust Industry" sold well over 100,000 copies in Germany, and there is no doubt that today's generation feels especially fed up with the idea of paying for a war that belongs to another generation.

What interested me in this article from Der Spiegel is the information that today's youth are so effeminate and can barely defend themsleves, they are afraid even of their own kindred "Huete-Deutsch" who came from former Soviet territories. I also sensed in Athens that Greeks were somewhat afraid of their poorer and tougher brothers who came from the former Soviet union, these are pure blooded Ponitic Greeks, but native born Greeks call them "Russians"

There is a growing trend of inter marriage in Greece, in particular there are many Greek women who are marrying Western Europeans. And many Greeks boast of being "part of Europe now" Maybe disillusionment is setting in, with the advent of the new occupation currency (i.e. the euro.)

Don't worry about the double post, just post please. Good to hear from you bro

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

True. However, I seriously doubt that there is a growing trend of intermarriage between Greeks and Western Europeans. Not to sound naive, but reports made by the Greek media pertaining to intermarriages of any sort in Greece are usually not reliable (or only tell one side of the story).

Here are some sources I found from Spartacus of Thrace (i.e. me) in another Greek forum.

The links discuss about how at least 10% of the Greek population is marrying foreigners. However, there was a response made by a participant in the same Greek forum named Dorian West (i.e. a proud Greek nationalist) that made a lot of sense.

Here is the link if you want proof of the discussion between me and Dorian West.

If the link does not work, then here is Dorian West's response if you are interested.

"This sort of stuff has been going on for a long time. I know of a Greek from here who went to Greece, married an Albanian and brought her here. He's in his 70's and she's in her late 30's. I think you'll find a lot of these marriages are like this, so it's no big deal. Usually it's the lessers of the host population (in this case Greece) that have lost out in the marriage stakes, that resort to such desperate measures and they are desperate, believe me. Then there's the commies, they're the ones that believe in "equality of man" and all that, so much so that they deliberately marry a foreigner, usually a coloured. I believe such race traitors should be deported with to their coloured spouse's country of origin where they can rejoice and celebrate the "equality of man". When a Greek marries an Italian or Bulgarian (only southern and therefore Thracian) and even Albanian, especially Christian and less so Muslim, it's not such a big deal. You've got to worry about the coloureds and people like east Asians, Turks and some Arabs - they will destroy the race by producing genetic monstrosities that are not European let alone Greek.

When I was staying with my friend in a Macedonian village on the Pindos
mountain range, there was a Greek woman from Zaire who married a Negro. She came with her young son and put him in the playgroup there. No-one talked to him and shunned him like he didn't exist. I felt sorry for the poor little Negro. Luckily she's an African now and all that mess will stay in Africa. Those Macedonian-Greeks sure know how to deal with miscegenationalists,
don't they?"

I know that Dorian West's words sound harsh. However, a lot of what he says is true, and his statements were reinforced by statements made in the news show "Kalimera Ellada" on ANT1. The show discussed about how the elderly are the ones mostly marrying foreigners. As Dorian said in his response to me about illegal immigration (and foreigners in general), the host population of Greece is fine.

I know that when someone says, "I am 100% Greek", that he or she sounds foolish. I thought that many of my fellow Greek brethren would laugh at me for upholding such a notion. However, as I explained myself as to why I believe in Greek racial/ethnic purity, people began to understand and respect my statements. I do not like making false statements of statements that are composed of unsubstantiated nonsense.

I have an honor code to uphold. Honesty is an important aspect of my honor code. I study history and the social mentality of the Greeks and found out consistently that the Greeks are indeed 100% Greek. I have studied this topic for many years and read from many different sources (both Greek and non-Greek). I trust Greek sources more not only because I am Greek myself, but because they provide a better in-depth analysis of the Greek psyche throughout the ages.

I hope you do not think less of me adelphe because I believe in Greek racial/ethnic purity. If you type in the name "Spartacus of Thrace" in the Google Groups search engine, you will find a plethora of information that explains why Greeks are racially/ethnically pure.

Even to this day, I still believe in this notion, because of the three laws of Hellenism: omaimon, omoglosson, and omothriskon. Every day I say these words to comfort me, and give me purpose in this insane world we live in full of corruption and blindness.

Later adelphe.

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...


Trust me, I think no less of you because you believe in Greek racial/ethnic purity.

I was taking my time to counter your statements that Greeks are not really intermarrying by digging up with some more news stories that indicate that Greeks are intermarrying, but I carefuully re-read the commentary you posted and realize that you are saying that news reports are inaccurate because common Greeks on the street or in villages have a quiet way of weeding out miscegenation.

At the same time, i remember that my orginal concern was Greeks marrying other EU member nationals, simply becuse they figure, oh well, they're whites whatever. And this may be the bigger danger because you will have or do have Greeks marrying French,German , Belgian etc etc nationals whose cultures and religion are radically different from ours regardless of the fact that they have the same phenotype as us overall. How would Dorian West explain the very dangerous Bulgarian campaigns in Macedonia at various times over the past two centuries to Slavicize the Greeks?

There are many, I would say , perhaps, hundreds of thousands of Greeks who married Western European nationals and moved away to Frankish lands, I have personally witnessed the second generation of such couplings becoming Franks. And they are dogs, just like the Turks. The egalitarian poisons currently eating away our Nation can squarely be placed on the heads of the Franks. There have also been many Greeks who I have come across who took English or French or even Slavo-Orthodox wives. I wouldn't consider Bulgars to be purely Caucasoid even , for instance, high incidence of Mongoloid and Gypsy admixture.

Are you advocating that this EU thing, and I'm not saying you implied this but, will the EU mean getting swallowed up and being vanquished by Western Europeans eventually, since that will be the dominant economic and "cultural" influence?

I know this answer is incomplete , but the question itself is quite confusing, since many of the worse enemies of Greeks are of pure ethnic/racial Greek heritage (i.e. PASOK, KKE, NEW DEMOCRACY, SYNAPSISMOS et al )

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

I see your point adelphe. However, based on my research, I am still not convinced as to hundreds of thousands of Greeks marrying foreigners of Western European origin (or non-Greek origin in general).

In fact, average Greeks are not as European as you think adelphe. I know for a fact that the Greek mentality does not entail marrying even white people who are not even closely related to the Greek ethnos and culture.

When Greece first entered the E.U. in the early 1980's, things did not change much. However, as the years progressed, Greece experienced many social, economic, and political difficulties that all arose as a result of Greece's membership in the E.U., as well as its membership in the Eurozone. The Greeks are deemed as the most resilient people in Europe when it comes to their country dealing with things such as foreing (non-Greek) immigration. For Greece to be deemed European (within the context of E.U. dynamics) is a false statement. If anything, Greece has become more nationalistic than ever.

The E.U. constitution has been rejected by the French and will also be rejected by the Dutch on June 1st. The people who vote against the ratifying of the constitution are not only going against the document itself, but also against the very institutions that have founded the European Union.

The majority of Greeks (90% thank God if not more) have no intention whatsoever in mixing with foreigners because of the fact that Greeks today are realizing how the Euro (and the European Union in general) really works.

The Euro is an inflexible currency that only adheres to the policies created by Brussels (Franco-German alliance). As a result, the prices of all goods in many E.U. nations have risen, and domestic productivity has fallen due to the fact that many Europeans are forced to import goods that they can already produce in their own countries.

You stated in one of your later posts that many Greeks do not know how to organize. Maybe that was the case many years ago. However, things have changed. Greeks are not rioting, because they are spending their energies helping Greek organizations that are willing enough to fight for the rights and interests of Greeks in Greece. As they say, "Don't get mad, get even."
That is what Greeks today are doing.

Kostas Karamanlis is trying to lower Greece's deficit (no thanks to PASOK stealing all of the free money the European Union sent to Greece for infrastructure purposes and the expensive dash to finish the stadiums and whatnot in time for the Olympics). However, he must do more than that if he wants to keep his comfy position as prime minister.

I heard from a Greek radio program about how PASOK is going to make a comeback in the next elections. It is pure propaganda. PASOK lost the popular vote, and the Greek people are fed up with political parties that talk, but lack action to do things right. That is why I am confident in the fact that Greeks will vote for a patriotic party. No amount of propaganda from PASOK can change that, because Greece is experiencing difficulties that everyday Greeks are witnessing and seeing nothing being done about them by their government.

Adelphe, the only thing that I like about the European Union is the fact that it is a system that can allow for European nations to discuss diplomatically their problems with each other as opposed to fighting each other. The institutions of the E.U. made to "unite" Europeans are not good. The Treaty of Rome in 1957, the Maastricht Treaty, and other agreements made to help Europeans grow closer together are annoying and detrimental to European diversity.

America always bases its entire civilization on this simple phrase, "E pluribus unum" or "Out of many, one." For Europe, it is "E unum pluribus" or "Out of one, many." See the difference? Europe cannot become a superstate. I do not want to see Greece become "Germany's Florida" as some people I have talked to would say. I do not want to see Greece lose its national sovereignty rights at all. I want Greeks of 100% Greek descent living in Greece. Nothing more, nothing less. Brethren among brethren. Nothing wrong with that at all. Again, I do not want to sound naive, but it only makes sense to leave Greece alone to the Greeks.

If the E.U. falls, then so be it. The Greeks are already upset at the fact that the Germans bought the island of Santorini and the French and Germans are competing to buy all of the property in Crete. What a waste of time and money. The French and Germans are not satified with their own large countries let alone the colonies they have built around the world (and still have influence over even after the fall of their respective empires)?

I would not be surprised if the French and the Germans are only realizing now that the Euros they spent on Greek real-estate will not amount to anything in real value. The Euro has dropped significantly as a result of France's rejection of the E.U. constitution. Just wait and see adelphe what will happen to the Euro when the Dutch are through with their referendum. If more and more nations reject the constitution, then the European Union as a whole is in deep trouble.

Keep in mind adelphe that even though many of Greece's enemies are of pure racial/ethnic Greek stock, that many of Greece's heroes are of the same breed.

If you want to talk to Dorian West, then you could create an account in Google Groups and create a new topic.

If you want adelphe, you can go ahead and counter the statistics provided on the Apelasis website (go to my blog and click on the link provided there) with any sources you find. However, I trust those statistics on the Apelasis website being that there is a lot of dissatisfaction among the majority of the Greek people pertaining to the presence of foreigners (both illegal immigrants and people from E.U. nations).

The statistics go hand-in-hand with my constant research adelphe. Please trust me. I know that you feel as though Greece will be no more in the future and that the Greek genos will vanish without a trace. However, please have hope and trust your brothers and sisters. You trust me, and I trust you. The blood that courses through our veins and in the veins of all ethnic/racial Greeks is the same. We may, at times, have our differences in discussions, but right now we must be optimistic of Greece's future. We have a golden opportunity as Greeks to witness (or support if you can) the changes Greece is experiencing for the better.

Being pessimistic (not to accuse you of pessimism adelphe) is important to the extent that one is capable of showing the dark side of things. However, after the mistakes and problems are shown, one should then take the time to solve them in an optimistic fashion where the future is unknown, but the rewards for hard work and dedication are boundless.

You may feel skeptical toward the comments (and research) I provided pertaining to modern Greeks not intermarrying with foreigners. All I ask of you adelphe is to trust me, as I trust you. I never want to go against my brethren. It goes against my honor code. Just trust me on the statements I make pertaining to this "sensitive" subject. Believe me, I have dealt with many (both Greeks and non-Greeks) who have gone toe-to-toe with me in debates pertaining to this subject. Even if you still disagree with me adelphe, then I shall continue to respect your opinions. I hope you understand where I am coming from when it comes to this kind of subject.

Later adelphe.

P.S. Go to Google Groups and sign up. I am sure Dorian West still posts there. However, if you do not want to, then that is fine. Take care adelphe.

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...


I read your latest commentary very carefully. Thank you for taking the time to extrapolate in detail.

Best Regards,
--Hellenic Nationalist

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

You're welcome adelphe. Anytime you need a second opinion (or a reassuring opinion that coincides with yours) on any subject, just ask.

Later adelphe.

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