Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One World, One Europe, Like It Or Not...

Some of us must have already heard the news that France rejected the EU Constitution in a popular referendum, Greece "the cradle of Democracy" never even exercised that option , nevertheless, I came across a revealing quote from the American side on why the EU Constitution , which eventually will be passed, must be passed:

In an interview with United Press International shortly after the visit, U.S. Ambassador to the EU Rockwell Schnabel -- a close friend and adviser of Bush -- said the president backed the controversial blueprint.

"The president supports the EU Constitution because it will address the foreign policy question -- there will be one person representing Europe --and will streamline its institutions. It works toward a stronger Europe," he said.

Nationalists in Europe are still very far away from having a Europe, that a pre-Second World War, pre-Allied-conquest Nationalist would be proud to live in....

Make no mistake, a "United States of Europe" is on the way, even if certain EU member states reject the EU constitution it will be sent to the European Council for two years until it finally is accepted.


Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

this is worrying.

Greece should pull out of the EURO Union b4 its sovereignty is destroyed....
with only one foreign policy (the Euro one)Greece may not be able to deal with issues such as Cyprus, in an agressive manner towards Turkey by taking a stance, as it wont hav its own foreign policy and instead will hav to follow the Euro combined policy. this is a BIG worry.

3:44 AM  
Anonymous slsplb said...

Leave the suffocating stranglehold of the EU as soon as feasible. Rather poor and independent than rich and subjugated ( unfortunately this is not even Greece's case today except for the ruling elements ) Without sovereignty there is no independence and no Greek nation to speak of. Greece, like any other country in the Union, will be reduced and revamped to a geographical area bound and subjected to the central European Grand buraucratic council sitting in Bruxels.The current political parties and their leaders will become nothing but performing satraps of the Union, bereft of decision making powers and conditioned to fulfill a caretaker's role . There is a crisis developing and it is difficult to forsee the outcome. I was disappointed to hear the expressions of a university educated lady of 28 years of age over the greek radio. When asked about her background she said she was Cretan and had lived in Holland for the last 15 years and felt at home in a multicultural mileiu, she was going to vote YES to the EU constitution in Holland and she considered herself first a European then a Cretan and then Greek. When in Holland she obviously does not pass for Dutch,which makes her feel uncomfortable; when in Crete she is asked "where are you from" to which she offers a belaboured and confusing explanation about herself, in the end she says she is a "European" first and foremost. There is absolutely everything right about being European,without abjuring one's ethnicity and loyalty, however the order of priority leaves one wondering, and if this kind of spirit is holding sway among the intelectual youth of today then the future for Greece looks problematic . Nationhood and Greekness are on the road to be transmuted or blended into an abstract Eurpeanism.

4:45 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...


The issue in Greece of identity has been challenged publicly by the mass media , itself a marrionette of the political establishment. Do you recall the "controversy" over an "Albanian' kid carrying the Greek flag at a local October 28th parade? The "Albanian" kid spoke perfect Greek, was Greek Orthodox, was born in Greece and was on his way to enlisting in the Greek army. He's already more qualified to hold the Greek flag than even some key members of the Greek government. In any case, the point was that this kid threw away whatever Albanian identity he had for a Greek identity, regardless of the fact that his parents were Albanian citizens. In past ages this would not have even been an issue, after all, most of Greece's population today was formed by former "Bulgarian and Turkish citizens" following the Balkan Wars and later Asia Minor war and population exchange. The mass media kept fixting on how "greek-americans" carry the Americna flag and beome members of the american political establishment.Regardless, this same mass media did not bring up that the Greek-American community has a parade on the March 25th 1821 Revolution on a major boulevard in New York City that includes honor guards from the Greek Military and the National Guard (Evzones) IMPORTED FROM GREECE. What the Greek mass media in all honesty should explain, but carefully omitts, is the fact that an american multicultural model would involve allowing the Turks in Greece to let's say celebrate "the May 29th liberation of Istambul from Greek opressors" or "the september 14th Liberation of Izmir/smyrna from infidels" , on Venizelos or Amalias together with a military honor guard IMPORTED FROM TURKEY. This stuff is left out of the debate as is the question of allowing traditionally hostile nationals to celebrate their national days in Greece, if they really want to follow American models, this is still too shocking to some Greeks so they probably will wait a dew decades before they introduce that...

This Greek/Cretan citizen of Holland sure does sound confused but she is essentially asking BOTH the dutch and the Greeks in Crete to sacrifice their identity for her confusion in wait for some utopian horizon --sounds like Tito's or the Allies plan for Yugoslavia, just wait and see... the day of a united Yugoslavia will come , wait and see,... well we saw where that went...now they want to ty an even bigger experiment. I also don't think this confused girl they put on the Greek radio you listened to was at an effective advocate for the EU, after all Cretans are the greatest regionalists in all of Greece, many of them still have an issue with Greek unity, much less some abstract utopian 'European' unity. if anything she just united Greeks in Crete against the EU. her case as an immigrant is also interesting, because other economic immigrants in Holland, the greatest number being South Asian and Near Eastern muslims, many of them born in Holland unlike her,must also be 'Europeans' ....by this token Indonesia and Kurdistan should also say yes to the EU.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Regarding Crete, it's perplexing how Cretans (or rather a small portion of them) still possess such a backwards, regionalist mindset. After all, their beloved Venizelos (a Cretan himself) worked tirelessly for reunification of Crete with Greece.

So why do some of them still possess this regionalist sentiment? Are they still outraged over the Mycenaean invasion of Crete? Do they look back with nostalgia to the days when Crete was an Ottoman possession? Jokes aside, the only logical explanation for this absurd minority phenomenon is villager stupidity.

The more perplexing question is why Cretans are such staunch supporters of PASOK in every election. Even if it were true that most of them were regionalists (which isn't the case) it still wouldn't make sense why the majority of them would ally themselves with such a Europhilic political party like PASOK.

By the way, since Kurds were mentioned, it's worth noting that they largely consider themselves descendants of the ancient Medes --who, in turn, are considered an Iranian people (or closely related to Iranians) and thus part of the Indo-European portion of the Caucasoid race.

Not that I'm advocating Kurdish (or Iranian) membership in the European Union (an institution which I believe Greece should completely secede from) but rather making a tangent point that Indonesians are not in the same boat as the Kurds.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

I am not sure that race is as much of a determinating factor in the EU as is , perhaps, native languages. In which case other Indo European languages such as the Sanskirt-derived Punjabi--spoken by Punjabi's in Pakistan and Afghanistan, would make a clear case for Paki and Afghan involvement in the vote for the EU Constitution.

Not to mention Bengali, Bhili and Gujarati--which would make a clear case for India and Bengladesh to also have their say in EU affairs as well.

In my humble opinion Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Bengladesh should begin accession negotiations and would best be introduced by none other than our own Greek foreign minister Molyviatis, I even know how he could explain it at the next press conference ..."we must support the accession of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bengladesh to turn our neighbourhood into a region such as the rest of Europe … a region of peace, democracy, prosperity and stability with absolute respect for human rights, religious freedom and the protection of minorities". I think that would just be dandy!

Then how do we explain non-Indo European language groups such as Hungarian and Finnish even contemplating being in the EU? Maybe they should leave Europe and , instead , join some Japanese group? What do you think?

That's a good question about Cretans and PASOK. Was it always like this? After all, the founder of New Democracy Mitsotakis, was a Cretan.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Mitsotakis isn't just a Cretan but the very grand-nephew (!) of Eleftherios Venizelos as well. That's what makes Cretan support for PASOK even stranger.

However, George Papandreou is said to have been one of Venizelos' closest supporters and accompanied Venizelos to Crete when he fled Athens. I believe that George Papandreou also founded (or co-founded) the Center Union party, which was made up of Venizelists. And, If I'm not mistaken, Eleftherios Venizelos' own son, Sophocles Venizelos, was part of this coalition party, too.

Maybe when Andreas Papandreou established PASOK, the close political ties that had existed between his father, George Papandreou, and Eleftherios Venizelos outshone any of Mitsotakis' ties and so Cretans supported PASOK based on the belief that it was politically or ideologically closer to their hero, Eleftherios Venizelos? Who knows. In any case, it's probably just another case of villager stupidity, except that this time is applies more widely than the regionalist varient of villager stupidity.

Also, Mitsotakis wasn't the founder of New Democracy. Konstantinos Karamanlis was.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

I always assumed Mitsotakis founded New Democracy since he was so visibly associated with it, and I remember how some writers like Robert Kaplan and the magazine "Economist" wrote that New Democracy is seen as Mitsotaki's party. I stand corrected though, I was once again duped by Jew propagandists , this time into believing that Mitsotakis was somehow most responsible for New Democracy. I also was not aware that PASOK, inadvertently through the ties of its great demogogue Andreas Papandreou has indirect ties to the Venizelos supporters. It's interesting how the current George Papandreou stands next to statues of his grandfather , isn't it? In retrospect, it's a shame that the Germans didn't hunt down all these characters during the short lived occupation, would have been hard to do though since they all escaped abroad. Then their descendents could say they were "Holocaust" survivors. If that happened they could live off some German-financed fund for "Holocaust" survivors, rather than living off the Greek taxpayers?

BTW, have you heard about the rumours that Mitsotakis is a Jew?

And I still did not read what you think of my idea that the Greek administration should support Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bengladesh for EU accession negotiations. What do you think?

8:50 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

I've never heard that Mitsotakis might be a Jew. I've heard that Simitis and Papandreou are crypto-Jews, though. In fact, I think Karatzaferis made such an accusation during Parliament in the past. I've also heard rumors about Miltiades Evert being a Jew but I'm not so sure about this latter claim.

As for your suggestion concerning Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Bengladesh entering European Union accession negotiations with the support of Greece, yes, I thought it was witty. I particularly enjoyed the part where you altered Molyviatis' statement regarding Turkey by inserting the names of the afore-mentioned countries.

10:54 PM  

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