Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Land Of The Dead

I saw George Romero's film Land Of The Dead yesterday. 'The City' , as the stronghold of the living is repeatedly called in the film, has a strikingly similar layout to Byzantine Constantinople (see map) In fact , the computer image of 'The City' in the film looks just about identical to the map I indicated, minus the notes. The Dead make repeated attempts to penetrate through the heavily guarded front gates and by haphazardly laying siege to The City , but eventually evolve some intelligence, incorporate use of The Living's military tools, and walk through the water and penetrate through one of The City's lesser defended land walls, kerkoporta?

At first I thought The Dead may have been an allegory for The Homosexual Movement, too many similarities to mention, besides, the obvious aversion to The Living. In retrospect, Romero's borrowing what must be the story of barbarian Turks conquering The City of Constantinople. In both cases, the fictional film version and the historical fact, a bloody feeding orgy ensued.


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