Monday, July 04, 2005

Enemies Of The Truth Fight Nationalism in Greece

The London Guardian reports that the Greek establishment, with Communist and "Progressive" Anti-Racist youth groups in the lead , is doing all in its power to prevent an upcoming Nationalist rally in the Peloponnesus town of Meligala. Here is a sample of the tired, old references that they make to their mythological history of the Second World War:

"It's very provocative what they are doing," said Takis Yiannopoulos of Youth Against Racism in Greece. "The Peloponnesus is steeped in the history and blood of the Greek civil war [between communists and nationalists in the 1940s], so it's no coincidence that they've chosen to hold the meeting there. We are absolutely determined to stop them."

The Greek left, are mere students who must always take a deep bow to the masters of the black arts of false historiography:

Opposition has also come from Greece's tiny Jewish community, one of the most badly hit in Europe by the Holocaust. .... "We want the government to ban the gathering," said Moses Constantinides, president of the community. "We believe its reaction should be strong. The neo-Nazi meeting should not be allowed to take place."

The godforsaken town this Nationalist rally is to grace, has expressed some reservations about the Nationalist presence there, I wonder if there would be a similar such outcry if a "gay fest" were to invest some touristic windfall for this place?

Once again, what historian David Irving cleverly termed The Traditional Enemies of The Truth , reared their ugly heads in our Fatherland. Who now will fight the powers that be?


Blogger Hellenian said...

That news article deeply angered and disturbed me.

The absolute audacity of the far-Leftists -- now trying and stop a nationalist congregation in Meligala even though their ideological forebears butchered over a thousand Greek civilians during the German Occupation -- is unbelievable. Then we have the Jews, who have no right to get mixed up in Greek affairs, openly denouncing a nationalist gathering. And, of course, we have the English who are not only labelling nationalists as "neo-Nazis" but also parroting the myth of the Jewish "Holocaust" in their newspapers in an attempt to drum up sympathy for Jews in order to give their views on Greek affairs some legitimacy. But the female mayor of Meligala takes the cake as the most disturbing element of all. The fact that she is against this meeting, and has even voiced a plan to openly prevent it, only supports the theory that she was planted there by the political establishment to diminish the memory of the horrific events that took place in Meligala.

Anyway, here is a relevant excerpt concerning Meligala from "The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression" (p. 327-8):

"The Communists' actions demoralized the resistance and discredited the EAM. In several regions, hatred for the EAM was so strong that a number of resistance fighters joined the security battalions set up by the Germans. [...] On 2 September, as the Germans began to evacuate Greece, the ELAS sent its troops to conquer the Peloponnese, which had always eluded its control thanks to the security battalions. All captured towns and villages were "punished." In Meligala, 1,400 men, women, and children were massacred along with some 50 officers and noncommissioned officers from the security battalions."

1:34 AM  
Anonymous slsplb said...

The meeting or rally should go ahead at all and any costs. It is absurd that in Greece we should have organizations of youth "against racism", and not only that but also to tolerate their animosity and belligerence towards anything that portrays love for one country. These youths should transfer their operational bases , dogmas , credos and energies elsewhere abroad. It seems that in Greece we have no internal national problems or difficulties to deal with that we can spare the luxury of setting up crusades against racism. I think the main problem is that fundamentally greek society's mind set is warped and inherently leftist or communist oriented.The youth is becoming thoroughly deculturalized and deracinated from their greek roots. It is the new fashion in Greece nowdays to label someone who disagrees with the ordained thinking as "extremist,xenophobe,intolerant" and other fatuous epithets of sorts. I hope there is enough guts and nerve for the organizers of the rally to push through their stated aim, and if that town denies them the venue, then choose another town. Is Greece a democracy or a "democratic" totalitarianism?

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