Tuesday, July 05, 2005

History And Propaganda

Considering the recent case we have examined here in this blog on how foreign special interests and the Greek political establishment , regurgitate false historiography in their desperate attempts to stem the tide of Nationalism and to distort the truth, I find it appropriate to re-visit academic Costas Zaverdinos' well-referenced essay on the ongoing political persecution of a German historical scholar, although not directly related to the false historiography of the Meligala Massacre by Communists which Hellenian referenced in a commentary, the essay examines the weapons of the enemies of truth, and what the Fatherland, as a vassal of the Europeans and the Jews, can expect to face:

Thucydides writes that as other authors "take rumors for granted and copy uncritically from each other," his own work "because of its lack of fiction may be less pleasing than theirs." This sentiment is the hallmark of a true historian: aiming to separate myth from reality and not to please any party.

All too often history is written for propaganda purposes.


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