Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Chinese Wisdom

This news from China just cracked me up:

On one of China’s popular websites called, hundreds of messages were pouring in around the time of Condoleezza Rice’s visit to China this past spring. The comments were very disturbing for a couple of reasons. People lashed out angrily at the U.S. secretary of state’s ethnicity, her looks, her gender.

They wrote that she was (and this is hard for me to repeat): “a black devil,” “a black pig,” “a black whore” and “a black female dog.” They said: “You’re not even as good as a black devil, a real waste of a life,” “Her brain is blacker than her skin,” “The ugliest woman in the world” and “She looks like an orangutan, and talks rubbish; send us a beautiful woman next time.”

Since China is officially one of the few Communist-ruled countries left in this world, it would be interesting to see if there exist any Anti-Racist youth groups like we have in Greece. I doubt it.


Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

LOL. wat a laugh.

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