Wednesday, July 06, 2005

World Jewish Congress On Meligala

The website of the World Jewish Congress has an alarmist posting today, expressing opposition to the upcoming Nationalist meeting/rally scheduled to convene in Meligala. Similarly, several major Jewish news agencies have also followed suit, The World Jewish Congress post looks as if it completely relied on the article from the anti-Greek London Guardian which we examined on this blog. Various Turkish press agencies and political lobbies have also mimicked the Jewish mixing in our Greek affairs by publishing banner headlines today on the "Anti-Turkish And Anti-Jewish Festival In Greece"

The sudden, lightning bolt reaction by international jewry and by its minion Turkish lobby is not at all new to anyone familiar with their modus operandi , the same agencies also zeroed in on our Archbishop when he raised concerns at the Greek political establishment's now successful effort to erase our religious identity from our National Identity cards.


Anonymous slsplb said...

It is an issue of global power play. I am wondering which side is going to prevail. When the WJC pokes its filthy nose into matters such as this they bring to bear enormous firepower. It is a tragedy.
My best wishes to the organizers, they must stand firm and stage the rally.

4:31 AM  

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