Thursday, July 14, 2005

Post Second World War Re-Education Exposed

This expose from a student of the old school, delves into the re-education and imposition of democracy by the ruling status quo. Pertinent not only for Germany , but for all the European occupied Nations and nowadays for the world. From Greece to current day Iraq and beyond, democracy ,like a boa constrictor, is slowly ,but surely , wrapping its serpentine body around the Nations of this world:

Following Germany’s defeat in May 1945, the United States and the other victorious Allied powers imposed on the Germans a massive “reeducation” program designed to drastically alter the vanquished nation’s basic outlook and collective self-im­age. This program, American officials insisted, was needed to firmly implant democracy in the occupied nation, and to insure lasting peace in the region The real long-term goal, says the author of this book, has been to systematically eradicate German national pride, and replace it with a sense of shame. This campaign, he writes, was “a diabolical brainwashing plot directed against one of the most decent, peaceful, disciplined and hardworking peoples on earth.” The success of this corrosive campaign, Schmidt contends, is manifest in historical distortion on a massive scale, and in a postwar German policy of “national masochism.” Its aim is the spiritual annihilation of the German people. If it con­tinues for much longer, he argues, the result will be the ef­fective genocide of the German people.


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