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Homosexual Lobbying In Greece

As much as I hate linking to homosexual advocacy sites, news is news, the homosexual lobby has unsurprisingly found support with Greek Leftist leaders in parliament in its demonic campaign to introduce "gay marriage", I will paste this tidbit found on a mainstream news portal:

Greek Opposition Party To Support Gay Marriage
by Malcolm Thornberry European Bureau Chief
Posted: July 14, 2005 9:00 pm ET

(Athens) Greece's leftist party has committed itself to support same-sex marriage according to media reports in Athens.

Alekos Alavanos, the leader of the Synaspismos Coalition reportedly made the promise in a meeting with LGBT activists in Athens.


Blogger Hellenian said...

As far as I know, "homosexual rights" have long been part of Synaspismos' political platform.

I didn't do an extensive check on their website, but I did find an official statement from their "Rights Division" dated 20 January 2005 which: condemns "homophobia"; declares that an end to "racism against fellow citizens with homoerotic sexual orientations" can only be achieved if the entire political system "recognizes [...] that homoerotic sexual orientation is as natural as heterosexuality"; and decries the fact that the State is aligned with "the Archbishop and other sects with similar anachronistic views". (Link:

That Synaspismos has gone a step further to also demand that homosexuals be able to marry is simply an extention of their homophile platform and should shock no one. After all, being an ultra-Liberal party, Synaspismos blindly follows developments from the West and fully dedicates itself to such causes in their perpetually mindless quest to become "modern"
and "progressive". Homosexuality is just one such cause. Furthermore, I think it's general knowledge in Greece that Synaspismos is pro-homosexual.

In any case, Synaspimos -- for all of its declarations and activities -- is a miniscule political party that just manages to pass the three percent threshold in Greek elections. It has no real power or influence and likely never will. Even if Synaspismos made an effort to advocate for "homosexual marriage", no one outside of that party would support them. Even Synaspismos' ideological cousins (the Communist Party of Greece and PASOK) wouldn't dare endorse such a move because they know it would destroy their political parties.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

As far as I know Synaspismos was founded by former key officials and activists from the PASOK party and has many former members and activists of KKE in its rank and file and as its officials.

I distinctly recall Simitis, back when he was Prime Minister, refering to Synaspismos,as well as to KKE, as his "comrades" on the floor of parliament in recent years.

That website that the news article originates from <> also claims that some "National Human Rights Committee" in Greece also supports "gay marriage" While the concept may seem laughable today, didn't the idea of "gay bars" and "gay nightclubs" also seem laughable once? PASOK's legislation to decriminalise homosexuality back in the early 1980s ended up in the opening of scores of such establishments in Athens. Furthermore, considering the fact the tourist industry is Greece's main economic resource, it would seem laughable that the degenerate-Greek establishment would do anything to counter the one place that puts Greece on the radar screen for the Hollywood and International jet set, the fact that Mykonos is a "mecca" for homosexuals and lesbians .

I predict that by the end of this decade ,"gay marriage" will be legal in Greece.

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Blogger Hellenian said...

According to Synaspismos' website (link:, the political party was founded in 1992 after the Communist Party of Greece split from a coalition of Leftist parties that was named "Synaspismos". Synaspismos retained the name and later amended it from "Coalition of the Left and Progress" to "Coalition of the Left of Movements and Ecology".

You have a point that what seems unthinkable and abhorrent today may become an accepted practice so commonplace that it fails to generate controversy or outrage in a very short period of time. But you have to understand that this can go both ways. Instead of homosexuality being the unthinkable and abhorrent thing that will become the commonplace issue of the near future, who's to say that nationalism -- an unthinkable and abhorrent thing in today's Greece -- will not once again become the accepted and commonplace way of life in Greece?

If the greatest regime in modern Greek history (I refer, of course, to the 4th of August) that was in complete harmony with Orthodoxy, Nationalism, Tradition, and Nature was able to be supplanted by a political establishment of completely alien original that has been at absolute odds with Orthodoxy, Nationalism, Tradition, Nature, and several thousand years of the Social Evolution of Hellenism and the Greek Nation, then just imagine how much easier it would be to overthrow this unnatural, precarious political establishment. The odds are stacked against it and it must fight for its existence every day just to sustain itself because, unlike a Helleno-Orthodox regime, it struggles against Nature: against Tradition, against History, against Religion, against Nation, and against the very Character of its population.

In short, the current political establishment is an artificial entity desperately trying to artificially mold human beings against their very Natures. For how long can such an entity exist? An entity that battles against an innate Nature? An entity that battles against an innate Character? An entity that battles against Human Nature; against Humanity itself? Not for very long. This political entity can mask Man's Nature. But it can never re-make Man into something that he never was or could ever be. What it can never do is fool the ingrained Nature of Man. And therein lies the fatal mechanism that shall ultimately wrought self-destruction upon itself. Failing to destroy Man's Humanity and instead masking it with artificial behavioral patterns and other various superficial dressings that contradict Man in his true form, the seeds of destruction will be sown:

The mass man that lives in contradiction of his Nature will be lost and will consequently fall into the abyss of nihilism, drug abuse, criminality, and further aberrance until he, and the larger part of society with him, destroys itself. On the other hand, the elite man who transcends the unwashed masses will not be destroyed because, having lived in harmony with his Nature and having long ago realized the artificiality of his environment and foreseen its destructive qualities amongst his lesser peers, he will be in a position to stand while the pathetic creatures around him fall before his feat.

Make no mistake: the modern world writhes now like an expiring beast. Look around carefully enough and you will see it for yourself. It is only a matter of time before it shudders its final death throe.

But I've deviated far too much from the issue at hand: the full implementation of homosexuality into Greece. Yes, it is definitely in the interests of the political establishment to bill Greece as Europe's premier homosexual tourist destination. But wish as they might, it just isn't possible.

Aside from my argument that things can -- and will -- drastically change for the best because of societal atrophy, a more grounded argument against this development consists of the fact that the Church of Greece simply won't stand for such a thing. I purposely omit stating that the average Greek won't stand for such a thing since as commoners, they can easily be convinced to accept anything. True, today the average mass man Greek would feel revulsion at seeing a bunch of foreign male and female homosexuals flock to their cities so they can engage in disgusting displays of homoerotic affection, desecrate their sacred lands with extremely deviant forms of sex, and even brag to their homosexual friends that they "were married in Greece, the ancient paradise of homosexuality" but the average Greek would eventually cope with it in some sort of unhealthy manner (as I explained above). The Church, however, would not stand for this. The Church, as you have probably already noticed, has very little to lose anymore. Every sick and demented Western development has been imported into Greece and the Church is being openly attacked in such a way that has never previously existed in Greece's history. With such conditions, a final stand is not only probable but imminent.

3:17 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Thanks Hellenian for a well written and enlightening commentary.

Indeed the Church is coming to face a situation that parallels the pagan era in the scope of debauchery and godless materialism and pseduo-intellectualism imported into the Fatherland by the Satanic West and followed by all the fallen masses and "elite" My belief is that only a divinely inspired Leader can save the Greek Nation, and this time around , it is necessary to learn from the mistakes of the past. There should never be a new generation of Karamanlis's or Papandreous's or of corrupt media quislings like the Lambrakis clan and their ilk, they must all kneel before the metaphorical tank ditch and wait for the proverbial final shot. In order for the Revolution to be self-perpetuating-- the oligarchy ,built on generations of nepotism, must not even be allowed to escape abroad, if so, and if need be the hand of Hellenic justice should also follow these criminal bands abroad, so that they may never again feed on the blood of our Nation.

As despondent as contemperoary "culture" seems and as little faith I have in the degenerate mass man of today's Greece...I still have my faith in our Church and I know the only hope for the Nation is a great Leader who takes his inspiration from the divine and will put an end ,forever to bondage and humilation wrought on the Fatherland by the imported disease called parliamentary democracy.

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Blogger Deucalionite said...

Very interesting comments adelphia Hellenian and Hellenic Nationalist.

Both of you have provided exquisite information in your critiques of the Synaspismos party in Greece. They were all very pertinent to the overall discussion.

To be honest, there are some (or many) people that just do not want to accept the fact that Europe will experience another resurgence in nationalism (i.e. Wikipedia, which states that only nationalist parties in Greece want the expulsion of illegal immigrants from Greece and not the majority of the Greek people).

Inflation, Islamic terrorists, globalization, illegal immigration, negative government policies, etc. are all compounding problems that have made too many Europeans sick and tired of what their unique societies are currently undergoing.
For those who ignore such powerful signs are only deluding themselves to the point where the truth will hurt them, a lot.

Many political parties in Greece and in Europe keep making promises they cannot keep. People in Europe are very agitated. They feel that their own governments have forsaken them. People want to see tangible progress and progress that is not placed in a box with a label that says "Do Not Open Until X-Mas."

The Pappadopoulos regime, granted that it was not perfect, was able to help Greece rebuild itself after the country suffered through World War II, the Greek Civil War (1946-1949), and the Unstable 50's.

Roads, hospitals, schools, homes, etc. were built to help accomodate the needs of the Greek people. Tangible progress is what the Greek people have always wanted throughout their history. Making false promises to the Greeks only agitates them.

So far, the current New Democracy government is not providing any tangible progress to the domestic affairs of Greece.

I could go on and on about this. I am glad, overall, that political parties such as Synaspismos do not have much power in Greek politics. Any party in Greece that only cares about votes as opposed to the needs of the voters will not last long. Why do I say such things? Well, because Europe has too many problems that are not being seriously addressed by the governments of individual E.U. nation-states.

Later adelphia. Take care.

P.S. If any of you find what I have stated above repetitive (granted that I forget sometimes that I repeat myself), then please forgive me.

10:45 AM  

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