Saturday, July 23, 2005

Buying Useless Weapons

Phylax comments on the recent purchase of 30 hi-tech American fighter Jets and of 333 German tanks. The good points made are that the Americans have a lock on softwares for these weapons, meaning they can shut them down at any time, and that a tank is utterly useless for most of the given terrain.

Basically, these weapons are being purchased by the degenerate-Greek establishment , in order to skim money off the top to buy more villas and private yachts and fatten to their private bank accounts at state expense by buying useless junk and in order to please their American and European masters who they are enslaved to in many multi-facted ways.

Since the West can fully be expected to abandon Greece at crisis moments , and through immediate sanctioning and "locking" devices render all these expensive weapons purchases into useless hunks of petro-burning metal and target practice for an invader, a true defense would have to involve independently , true defense is the doomsday weapon.

Hints have come out in the 1990s that Turkey has an atomic weapon or weapons at its disposal and Greece has , with the exception of one 1950s era discarded American nuclear facility, basically nothing to deter an invasion. Israel , in contrast, has some 600 estimated nuclear weapons. Even Pakistan , with a fraction of Greece's economy, has a doomsday weapon.

If not nuclear, there is always the inexpensive and easy to maintain biological weapon. Bulgaria is said to be world leader in this field, regardless, even a technological and scientific midget such as today's Greece can pull that off. But again competency is in not in the current degenerate-political establishment--gross corruption and outright theft if not high treason is the current Greek modus operandi.


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