Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Random Police Searches In New York Subways

The big news in New York is the new random searches by police of bags and other carry on luggage in the subway since Friday, and over the weekend I heard that these police searches will be extended to rail lines bound for the suburbs in New Jersey and Connecticut. I haven't been searched, nor have I personally witnessed a search, yet I've heard numerous announcements over subway megaphones since Friday on how one may randomly be searched by police.

Recently , however, I heard the story of a Nordic looking elderly priest in the OCA Orthodox Church in America being searched this past Sunday morning while on his way to Sunday services. The black cop asked this frail-looking ,fair-skinned, blue-eyed old guy in a priestly outfit to open his suitcase and the black cop thumbed through his priestly vestments and cross, I guess this is what they mean by "random search" not based on "racial profiling", it's nice to know that the police know where their priorities lie, meanwhile the priest said loads of swarthy Pakistanis were shuffling by in backpacks.

I don't really care about this stuff of police searches and "civil liberties",except that it would be interesting to see how many "civil liberties" this bastion of democracy will strip away day by day, yet it still cannot seem to do away with its liberal allegiance to the altar of multiculturalism.


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