Thursday, September 15, 2005


London's leading leftist establishment newspaper, The Independent , reports today that Eurofest 2005, or as the traditional enemies of truth call it, "Hatewave 2005", or as The Simon Wiesenthal Center calls it, "The Nazi Olympics", will go on, despite the Greek political establishment's attempt at a ban:

Greece is braced for the arrival of thousands of right-wing extremists from all over Europe hoping to attend a banned "Hatewave" festival. Those heading for the three-day event, featuring music, sport and speeches at the seaside, include members of Germany's National Democratic Party, Italy's Forza Nuova and Spain's La Fallange. The local ultra-right organization Golden Dawn has kept the venue secret after the Greek government imposed a ban last month, saying it could incite racism.

But organisers have remained defiant: "The festival will go ahead. It will be held on private property and you will find out the location a day before it is due to start," said a Golden Dawn official.

The Greek political establishment first announced this attempt at a ban last week, as reported by the Greek press:

Government spokesman Theodoros Roussopoulos said state authorities have not been officially notified about the event scheduled to commence between September 16 and 18 but were aware of it.

"The government condemns these gatherings which harbor racist attitudes," Roussopoulos said. "All measures will be taken as outlined by the constitution and the law."

Just a few months ago, the London Guardian quoted another Greek Government spokesman saying explicitly that the Greek constitution cannot be justifiably used to support a ban:

"Like all EU member states, constitutionally we cannot stop a gathering taking place if it is peaceful and unarmed," Lefteris Economou, the public order ministry spokesman, said.

It should also be mentioned that in the months between the Greek Government's official position to constitutionally NOT allow such a ban and then in its reverse decision, just last week, to cite the constitution to impose a ban on the Orwellian and unconstitutional charge of "racist attitudes" (whatever that means) followed the world's major Jewish organizations and press agencies. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, The European Jewish Congress and The European Jewish Press and mass circulation newspapers such as the Jewish-Zionist dominated English newspaper The Guardian and Jewish-Zionist dominated American newspaper The New York Times published alarmist articles and press releases condemning EUROFEST 2005 in Greece. The Simon Wiesenthal Center even went so far as to distribute a world wide "travel advisory" against Greece, over what they ,hilariously, titled "The Nazi Olympics".

The patriotic Greek organization Golden Dawn or ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ has truly stuck a needle into the eye of the ruling order. Like it or not, they now stand alone in challenging the ruling order.

The antics of the Greek government and its deep bow and bending of the knee to organized world Jewry is obvious to all and sundry.

Great Holocaust Revisionist and literary scholar Robert Faurisson once told me his own world weary experience of constitutions and the law in democracies: "the law is full, full of holes , they will open any hole they want when they want to..."

With right forearm stiff and upright and palm facing the heavens I salute the fighters of ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ


Anonymous slsplb said...

Excellent news, I wish the Fest good luck.
If we have freedom of expression and assosciation as tenets in the constitution then these freedoms must be exercised. It is the same stratagem played over and over again. The left threatens a counter demonstration or a protest against a lawful assembly, then the authorities, afraid of public order being disrupted, step in and slam a ban on the gathering ,in order to preempt a clash.
What the authorities should do in this case is not to impose a ban the lawful gathering, because of threats, but instead not to allow a counter gathering to take place on the same day, same hour and same area as the original one.
Then everyone should be happy and contented. The "leftists" can have a different day and hour,in which to shout ,scream, proffer obscenities, rant an rave, without the authorities fearing a break down in public order.
The most striking feature of any demonstration ( with a "rightist" taint) is that a peaceful march or protest assembly in progress ends up degenerating into an antisocial,and hostile confrontation against well organized groups with a deliberate policy and intent to provoke, create a charged environment, instigate violence and cause havoc. Whatever the reasons of the "left's" eminently effective strategies to disrupt the gatherings of their enemies, they are very good at it. One of the underlying components of their success is tactical violence. They are not averse at using any degree of intimidation and violence to achieve their aims.
In contrast "rightist" organizations do not appear to have the level of militancy and risk taking ethos to carry their mission to a desired conclusion.

4:17 AM  
Blogger IoannisMetaxas said...

Does anybody know the dates of the rescheduled event?

11:10 AM  

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