Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New 'Documentary' on German WWII Invasion of Crete

I was informed of this 'documentary' when it was in its production stage, and noted then that it had a lot of superfluous anti-Fascist propaganda, for the record, the "documentarian" is an amateur film-maker with no background in history and a non-existent knowledge of neither Greek nor German, that says a lot about any so-called research he may have conducted. Naturally, Jewish-Zionist dominated newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune have reviewed "The 11th Day":

In the stirring new documentary film "The 11th Day," an old woman in black talks about the pretty colors falling from the sky on a day in May. Then, she was a young girl hiding in an olive grove, when the bombing of the Greek Island of Crete finally stopped. Villages and cities had been ruined. Survivors were trembling and afraid. Suddenly, the sky cleared. The silence was audible. She looked up. "I was only 15," says Kaliopi Kapetanakis, remembering sitting in the olive tree while talking to a friend. "Oh, I said, `Look. The whole sky is full of umbrellas.'" They weren't umbrellas. They were parachutes, carrying more than 8,000 of Adolf Hitler's elite paratroops, the Fallschirmjager, the Sky Hunters. They were the tip of the German spear.

From my own perspective I have known people who spoke to Greek veterans of this event in Second World War history, and most all the Greeks who encountered and/or worked with the Germans admired and respected their rigor, discipline and bravery. Many Greeks in Crete , who are not Communists, also know the cruelty visited upon the people by the English so-called "liberators" of Crete. For an overall assessment of the many myths and misnomers regarding the Greek view of Second World War-era Germans in uniform, Hellenian's comments on this very blog are well worth consulting.

The Institute of Historical Review's mailing list , that actually informed me of this article, passed along this very thoughtful note from world famous Holocaust Revisionist Professor Arthur R. Butz:

"I visited Crete in 1977 and spoke to Cretans (they hate that word!) who were aware of my "Hoax" book. I don't recall their telling me any stories of mass slaughter by the Germans. However I do recall one story that was evidently widely believed there, namely, that the Germans took the Jews away in a ship and then sank the ship. I haven't heard that story since then, and it's not in this column. It has stuck in my mind as an example of one of the propaganda concoctions that was dropped, together with the electrocution baths and others. Too many extermination methods spoil the broth!"

Basically, "The 11th Day" isn't so much about real Greek history, as it is history for Jews , or as my friend hilariously calls them, propeller-heads.

A 'documentary' for propeller-heads. Nothing new here.


Blogger Steve said...

Hmmm... Greeks had their day like 2300 years ago and the Cold War gave them a second lease on life with the Marshall Plan, but I guess I dont see where that all gives you the right to call Jews propeller heads...

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve you dumbass.. (I wonder if your that Britass doofus that I knew long ago that was anti-Greek, I named him stevie-poo)
They had their day in the East Roman Empire and will again have their day.

and Propellor-heads are cute especially the female ones. It's the ones with sausages you have to worry about.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prepei na trepesai malaka

nazifilos poutana pou eisai

ever heard of the Preveli monastery where Germans murdered the Greeks and the Allied troops they were trying to hide and the preist as well

ever heard of the nazis 10-1 policy and burning of whole villages policy?

ask my pappou if he 'respects' germans. he laughs at all the german tourists and the tourist mounakia who wear Greek flag t-shirts in Crete. poustides all of them he says

or is my pappou a jew loving commie? Ill have you know that he fought the communists after he was done trying to free the ancient greek land of the german scum

you my freind are the definition of a whore. apologising for and glorifying the people who invaded GREEK SOIL for gods sake just because you share their fascist ideology

I dont even not like fascists. as long as they care about Greece and only Greece they are fine with me. you one the other hand are one of those nazi loving scum who actually uses the swastika as their symbol

sickening. and you call yourself a hellenic nationalist


6:45 AM  
Anonymous Philiki Eteria said...

the last post was wonderful. Bravo, well said for all the neo-nazi finks...this blog does not represent Hellenic nationalism. Real Hellenes know of Plato, Aristotle, Aristarchus, Alexander, Palamas, Karyotakis, Varnalis, and a whole other trooupe of Hellenic Patriots that placed the good of the πατρίδα before anything else. Being able to espouse the simplified tenets of an obfuscated ideology do not propel Hellas forward, but take it back 10 steps. Fanatical ideologies disturb the public good, and damage the good name of legitimate political movements...examples of legitimate political movements include the Hellenic War of Independence, the rule of Metaxas, Hellenic resistance to the Nazi's, and the fight against communism and socialist bararism in Hellas...the latter struggle continues...soapbox preachers such as Hellenic Nationalist only serve the interests of foreign aggressors, not of Hellas.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous ellin said...

anonymous apokaleses ton anthropo diafora epitheta xoris na analisis to thema ke apo auto fenete oti ise paparas den ine kako na sevese tous antipalous pou polemises fisika oxi esi giati ise ena dilo anthropaki pou to mono pou xeris ine na les fasistes ke ales malakies proton o agilotos stauros ine sima arxeo elliniko anistorite neoellina ektos an ise tipota evreokoumouni ke oti sou lene ta pistevis ala mathe prota elliniki istoria ke meta milame

12:53 PM  

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