Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Song Titled "Hellenic Genocide"

Although I certainly despise "hip-hop" and most all Western "popular music" , I will,however, pass this email along for informational purposes. The album cover linked to below also has pornographic imagery, so you have all been forewarned.

The following is the email from Roberto Lopes of Brazil:

Geia sas,

I thought you would like to know that there's a song titled "Hellenic Genocide", composed, produced and performed by the Hellenic Canadian musician BZ Jam.?

- The song titled "Hellenic Genocide"

"Hellenic Genocide" is a beautiful and strong hip-hop song that refers properly to the Hellenic Genocide. It has been played daily by at least one Hellenic radio; http://www.radioloud.fm .

"Hellenic Genocide" by BZ Jam: MP3 file with the song

"Hellenic Genocide" by BZ Jam: Lyrics

- The Hellenes are finally FEELING the Hellenic Genocide

I recommend that you listen to the song and keep it on your own computers. In a way, it's a historical document. It can be seen as a mark. It took some years to see the Hellenes THINKING about the Hellenic Genocide. Now the Hellenes might have finally crossed the line between thinking about the Hellenic Genocide and FEELING it.

It's NOT anymore some unexplainable "catastrophe", with no purpose, no plans, no authors. It's NOT anymore something that was restricted to Asia Minor, as Eastern Thrace and Macedonia are NOT in Asia Minor. It's NOT something restricted to Pontos, as the Hellenes of the entire Asia Minor AND OTHER PLACES were equally exterminated.


"Many places, One Genocide, The Hellenic Genocide"

- We need to raise awareness even more

Art is a very powerful tool to raise awareness and music is one of the strongest, as people can listen to music nearly everywhere. I suppose many young Hellenes are learning PROPERLY for the very first time about the Hellenic Genocide through listening to that song.

It would be good if you asked other radios to play the song and if
http://www.radioloud.fm were encouraged to continue to play it. It would be excellent if TV programs promoted somehow the song, maybe with an interview with its author or maybe with a report on the song. It's certainly worth taking A FEW MINUTES to do it.

http://www.phantis.com/news.media/ shows many media companies.
The list is divided by types of media, on the left.

- It's VERY important that a VIDEO CLIP of the song is created.

Please, contact EVERYONE who might have connections with the video industry in Hellas, Cyprus, Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia and

It's not so expensive to have a video created and it will make a HUGE difference, as it can be broadcast in every country of the world and WILL AWAKE MANY MORE PERSONS AND FASTER.

Please, ask everyone who might be able to help to contact BZ Jam at

Feel free to ask people to contact me directly, if they wish, and I will contact the musician; roblopes@uol.com.br

- Imagine if the Hellenic government simply did its part...

Imagine if we found on http://www.mfa.gr DETAILED information on the Hellenic Genocide... Imagine what wonderful victories we would achieve... Imagine what kind of support you Hellenes would have from conscious citizens of ALL countries...??

Imagine if all the MANY documents that PROVE the Hellenic Genocide were published where EVERY honest journalist and every honest History and International Relations professor will start looking for them, that is,

I hope you Hellenes will DECIDE TO make that happen.

- More information on the song "Hellenic Genocide"

Please, see: http://www.integrity-records.com

There you can find these related news:

"Big shout! to LOUD fm (Greece) for playing BZ JAM's 'Hellenic Genocide' daily! Support them by checking their website!?
http://www.radioloud.fm/ "

[ I believe that radio station should be praised. It's contact
information is found at http://www.radioloud.fm/Contact.htm ]

"I know you've all been waiting for this ... the THIRD album from BZ JAM! Download this new track and pass it around. Hellenic Genocide.
"FREEDOM OR DEATH!" (4.5MB - right click to download)"

"Integrity Records is proud to announce BZ JAM's first single 'Hellenic Genocide' off the new and upcoming LP 'My Big Phat Greek...' will be available for free on this site on March 25th, 2005 (Greek Independence Day). Stay tuned for more information on the pending release of the new CD."

Please, see also:

"BZ JAM the recipient of the 2002 Greek-Canadian Award for BEST URBAN/HIPHOP ARTIST has been called a "Legend" and a "Pioneer" in the Vancouver hip hop community."

Source: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bzjam

Thank you for your attention.

Please, share this message with everyone who might be interested in learning more about the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the Hellenes, which created the basis for all subsequent??????? crimes.

Roberto Lopes.
So Paulo, Brazil - roblopes@uol.com.br - ICQ UIN: 829188

You can make things change.
Visit http://www.EllinikiGenoktonia.org


Blogger Hellenian said...

What a disgrace!

I'd rather the Hellenic Genocide be known by no one than have it brought to public awareness by a "Greek"-Canadian nigger-wannabe and dyke-lover "hip hop artist".

How thoroughly odious this is to the memory of our slain ancestors. Truly, every day there is yet but another reason to be ashamed of our country-men. Alas, if only these "Greek"-Canadians (and "Greek"-Americans, for that matter) would completely assimilate so that they could no longer shame us.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous AI said...

I cannot disagree more. First you reverse the brainwashing using todays tools of propaganda. Patriots will win through patient evolution not sudden revoltution. The masses will listen to rap...and the patriotic memes will stick in their memory...that is all that matters. The medium is the message.

Another nice song is by Terror X Crew: "Pythagoreon" sung in Ancient Ellinika!

10:55 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

It is a fallacy -- and a very dangerous one, at that -- to believe that a nationalist struggle can be won by using the system against itself. Liberal Democracy is diametrically opposed to nationalism and its methods of manipulation can not be effectively exploited by ways of life that are incongruous with it. It does not take great perception to see that the only groups that are always demanding greater Democracy are Leftist in nature. (It benefits them because, even if it doesn't completely fit into their ideology, it allows them to advance their egalitarian and anti-national social views and, thus, gain strength.) The sooner nationalists realize this, the sooner things will begin to change.

Furthermore, it is just as disastrous to use foreign tools in order to propagate nationalism, especially if these foreign tools are a product of an inferior culture or civilization. And there can be no doubt that rap is an inferior medium by an alien and inferior culture. Introducing it to Greece, and legitimizing it, would introduce the culture that spawned the music -- that is, the urban Negro culture of the United States -- and all of its problems, only compounded. And that would only be the most obvious effect. The only way to legitimize something like the Genocide of Asia Minor Greeks is through academic channels -- not through the blaring of repulsive rap music.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The owner of this blog is a fucken imbecile.....you're a disgrace to greeks, i know bz jam personally and he is a true greek, unlike you.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hellenian youre a FUCKEN idiot!

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BZ Jam is a PIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hellenian you're a FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xaxaxaxaxa

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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