Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Immigrants Trafficked To Greece And Who's Responsible

This report from Thailand confirms what I have long suspected--that the Greek shipowners are responsible for the many, many South Indians ,Sri Lankans and Pakis that are immigrants in Greece:

Bangkok: Over 100 South Asians, including 62 Indians, have been detained in Thailand while being trafficked to Greece, Thai police said. Four foreigners accused of organising the human trafficking have also been arrested.

The men were nabbed in a series of police raids in Bangkok and the southern coastal Thai province of Songkla. They had illegally entered Thailand where they were waiting to board a ship bound for Greece

The owner of the vessel, a Sri Lankan national, a Ukranian and a Greek captain have also been detained

Some sources I spoke to in Athens have told me that these types are used as cheap dock worker hands and as laborers to shipping related businesses , saving the greedy capitalist class in Greece from paying any taxes and in many cases the Greek ship owners most likely are using their vast political clout to secure legal status for these expendable louts.


Blogger iranianforaryans said...

The Greek and Ukrainian should be publicly hanged in their respective nation's capitals, and allowed to rot. A note should proclaim: "Such is the fate of Traitors devoted to wrecking our Nation."

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing to worry gents. All what you have to do is as soon as you see or spot one of this shitskins on your shores bundle them out of the country. No papers, no documents, raus shitzers.
why are these ship importing the pile of garbage into your country?
what beneficial purpose can thousands of asians confer to your land, apart from dirtying it,darkening it and soiling it ?

If you want cheap labour just import low level europeans ( Ukranians, Bulgarians, rumanians) on short job stints, contract terms, when their contract expires they have to leave and another batch can then come in and fulfill a temporary job contract and then leave. Greece is not an immigrant country.
Do not adhere or comply with EU directives, make your own sovereign policies. When you let your doors open to the rabble of Asia,Africa, and other sewage countries to immigrate then you are well on your way to forsake your country to the altar of the new world cloacal order.

Viva Grecia Magna e inmortal

4:31 PM  

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