Friday, September 30, 2005


“Quite simply, if the Zionists have established a JEWISH state (in occupied Palestine), what right have they to deny us a Christian state in Europe or an Islamic state in the Muslim world?”


“Whoever has understood the Jewish problem has understood all. Whoever hasn’t understood it has understood nothing. Adolf Hitler understood this problem perfectly. For us Muslims, the Second World War was not a conflict between good and evil, but a war against Jewish occupation, the German people’s Intifada. A war between Hitler and the racists who were colonising us, or aspiring to colonise us. If there is an absolute evil in the world it is indeed the Jewish racist colonial project. In any event, good was not represented at that time by the Jewish colonialist occupying forces or the Jewish colonialist ideology that Hitler fought! The enemies of the Jews are not necessarily our enemies. On the contrary…”

--Ahmed Rami's speech in the Trieste conference


Anonymous Anonymous said...

den trepesai malaka roufianos?

This is meant to be Hellenic nationalist blog and all you see if anti-jewish blood libel and nazi loving filth

why dont you right about issues affecting hellenism instead of this ridiculously biased crap which gets a quote from 115ad about jews being behind christian persecution

I dont give a shit about the holocaust either and i support Palestine but for fucks sake are you a Greek or a Nazi?

ELLAS YPER ANW OLWN - fuck germany fuck the nazis who dare to invade our soil

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The jews are very much a part of the equation in Greece. They are taking over this world. If you stop them, you can say good bye to your country.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous non plus ultra said...

Whether you stop them or not, they seem to be taking over Greece with their massive foreign dark invasion aided by the complice corrupt political sell out establishment. When you hear the leader of the opposition making a speech eulogizing a former terrorist like Mandela, heaping laudatory embellishment on immigrants that would become "citizens" and asking for more immigration to build a multicultural Greece, than you know the game is up.The jews have won and we are saying good bye to the Greece for Greeks we all knew.
In Greece today there is no one standing steadfast for hellenism,orhodoxy,and national identity. Can anyone today claim that Greece is a sovereign nation ? On paper perhaps. Our political establishment is strung up like puppets by forces behind the scenes ( be it jewish or muslims or mongols,or masons or illuminists, anything except greeks for greece). But greeks need not to worry, we have our futbol,our sports,our "reconciliation" ? with the Turks ? and our beloved Andreas Georgios, the mustachioed squirrel eyed lizzard telling us the future is ours by letting every garbage from abroad into the country to become a citizen. Bravo giorgio. The next thing we will have the turkish flag flying over the acropolis being hoisted by the same Giorgio or even Constantine.

As far as the nazi occupation of Greece is concerned, it was far more preferable and respectful than the Anglo-american occupation, that followed their departure, and the crypto communist takeover of the Papandreu-Simitis dynasty that has contributed to the ruination of the homeland . With the German occupation, war is deplorable and no occupation can be a bed of roses, at least Greece remained Greek and for the greeks.The Germans did not flood the nation with dark foreigners and try to bastardize us neither they attacked and tried to wreck our institutions,the church,the family,and neither did they saturate us with pornography and moral dysentery; something which is happening today under the blessings of our new occupiers. During the German occupation greek girls consorting with the enemy were dealt with summarily by the resistance. Today greek girls whore themselves and bed themselves with the darkies, producing unwanted bastards, and nobody deals with them summarily.

12:48 PM  

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