Wednesday, December 21, 2005


For the information of those of you not in the know, the New York City transit workers are overwhelmingly of one persuasion. I've had two hellish days of chaos in New York City thanks to these extortionist strikers, here's a cool timeline describing the launch of the city wide transit strike:


11:05 AM - Judge allows city to fine TWU millions of dollars a day, immediately
11:10 AM - Toussaint takes hit off crack pipe
11:19 AM - Three fat niggers collapse of heart attack on picket line
11:34 AM - Toussaint bangs crack ho'
12:05 PM - Polls show NYC citizens overwhelmingly support MTA, not TWU
12:56 PM - Union exec board calls for re-vote
12:57 PM - Toussaint nowhere to be found
1:07 PM - Former Mayor Koch gives 356th interview of the day ("bring the union to its knees")
1:15 PM - Toussaint found in basement of union headquarters asleep near three buckets of KFC
2:00 PM - Nigs on picket lines hear they are not getting paid while striking ("what the f...?")
2:08 PM - Nigs on picket lines hear the union is getting fined millions of dollars per day ("FUCK. WHAT THE FUCK?")
2:15 PM - Reporters searching days for Hilary Clinton find her at Chappaqua beauty parlor ("Huh. What strike?")
2:26 PM - Toussaint refuses to come to exec board meeting unless hash provided
3:45 PM - Afternoon commute begins; 24 people crushed on overcrowded PATH platform
4:15 PM - NYC citizens in panic
4:25 PM - Picket line nigs march to TWU headquarters to demand contract be accepted
5:03 PM - TWU exec board approves deal by vote of 22-1
5:15 PM - Toussaint's badly charred body found in dumpster behind TWU headquarters
6:00 PM - Local news reports have lead in story "Transit strike over - trains and buses to roll again at midnight"
12:05 AM - Local citizen snaps pic of sleeping token booth clerk


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