Saturday, December 17, 2005

Globalization Versus The Greek Orthodox Church

Those who decide what we buy and see and hear, did not like what Archbishop Christodoulos had to say about the EU arrangement that the state of Greece is currently tied to, according to kathimerini," the Israeli Embassy in Athens reacted to the comments by saying that it was "unfortunate" that the archbishop had chosen to use an "antiquated phrase that portrays the state of Israel in a negative light."

Basically what Archbishop Christodoulos said in St. Spyridon church in Athens related to the ultimate goal of diminishing religious identity in the Western world, and the EU and by extension America's and Israel's efforts:

"We see that the forces of darkness are undermining this country and are trying to remove Christianity from Greece and create a new order in our society so that in a few years nobody remembers God or the Church."

There are few who now remember the Church and Christianity in today's post-Junta Greece, porn and promiscuity and other such abominations are the order of the day, as much as Greece hosts holy places and holy men , it also likewise hosts those who serve the evil one.


Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

GREAT post Hellenic Nationalist

first of all this Christodoulos is a great man!

Second of all just lyk he said we must not let these evil forces that mainly come from that demon country called America, to remove God's ways and morals by continuing to spread their whorish evil morals that go totally against God, that one day many of those Yanks will thankfully burn in Hell for...
How can u do this? there are sum ways...
Take care of ur daughter, sister, whoeva, and make sure they don't forget about God, and make sure the don't fall to the evil morals of that evil country called America....
teach ur family memba's, son's, daughter's to be nice ppl, patient, good hearted people and teach them how to resist the evil influences they may face at skool with fellow Westerners, eg. Sex, Drugs etc. and of course teach em about God, and the benefits of sum of his teachings....

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