Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jewish-dominated Media Distorting The Truth On French Riots

This MSNBC/AP report seems to try to use old Marxian arguments to explain away the over ten days of escalating violence orchestrated by the Negro or partially Negro youth in France. While it may be true that France has high unemployment rates for youth, it still does not explain the differences between homogeneous societies and multiracial/multicultural constructs.

France is not nearly as bad as Greece , which unlike filthy rich France has no welfare system whatsoever, and has a jobless rate amongst youth estimated at between fifty to seventyfive percent. YET, such a scale of youth violence is unheard of in Greece, despite far worse economic malaise,because Greece is one of the most homogeneous Nations in the world , and congruently is also blessed with hosting one of the smallest Jew communities in Europe.

The racial element is tantamount to understanding the escalating violence.The Jewish Question in France , host to Europe's largest Jew quotient, is the major reason France cannot deal with the situation it is in, and is also why it is in the situation it is in....Insofar as a lack of national cohesion and a fractured society.

To sum up: fewer Jews and more homogeneity equals a family atmosphere during hard times. More Jews equal more hostile elements and less cohesion. And don't expect the Jewish-dominated Western press to EVER portray reality. This is a Jew's world, it's motto being:



Blogger iranianforaryans said...

brilliant and pithy....

So why aren't Greek youth rioting and vandalizing? Why didn't the Japanese villagers riot during last month's tsunami?


7:59 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

wow... so you're multiethnic societies have more conflict in them. Thats brilliant.

Doesn't Japan have Universal Health care, like "filthy rich France"? And hasn't the immigration discrimination in Japan led to a declining birth rate which may ultimately lopside the society with larger numbers of dependent elderly, leading to an economic crisis?

3:44 AM  
Anonymous Jean D'arc said...

France is dying. You bring in immigrants ,you fornicate with them, you allow them to breed out the local natives, you allow them to overun your territory and then the liberal marxists wild hounds star barking inane platitudes about unemployement, the marginalized society, the discriminated youth and other garbage ,only palatable to the insipid tastes of the liberal/leftist/marxist hyenas, and ingrained in the minds of multiculturalists dupes.

Multiculturalism is not an attempt to enrich white cultures, but it is a brazen attempt to replace white cultures with the non-white abscesses of the non-white world.

Paraguay is a very poor country, Uruguay is a very poor country, Chile is a country where the disparity of the haves and have not is as disparate and wide as the Pacific ocean.There are no racial rebellions in those countries,inspite of chronic economic instability, because there are few thirld worlders in them. All what the brain washing main stream media is spewing and trumpeting out is about marginalized youths, unmeployed youth and other syphilitic liberal leftist epithats .
Instead of telling it like it is. These invaders are the flotsam of the non-white world. Their country of origins resemble sewer dumps and dung heaps, and the schizophrenic liberal leftist are importing these rejects into the pristine white men's nations, they are importing the feces and the unspeakably ugliness.
France is sinking into its own refuse matter.
Multiethnic societies are genocidal societies where the white component is being browned out. Flush the the bacteria out of the system.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous SPQR USA said...

You are no less than DEAD ON in your analysis, unfortunately. The left wing has spread it's cancerous thinking throughout western society, until, inevitably, the decent peoples of the world will eventually resist being pushed out of our own homes by ungrateful interlopers. The Roman empire should be our example.

11:34 PM  
Anonymous moonlizardbadass said...

Dear fellow readers, it has come to my attetion that not very many of you seem to also be moon lizards. I just want to let you know its O.K> Although one's self awareness and realization of who thou art and shit should be carefully regarded. Je suis un lizard de lunes!!! Et vous?

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am stunned by your analysis. I am a member of a Greek nationalist party and I do not understand your theory that Greece is an ethnically homogeneous country.

Greece had in the 90's the UNO-reported largest increase of relative foreign population per capita in the world!! Athens is 4 million people, of which 1 million are immigrants.

The rest of the country is 7 millions, out of which aanother 1 million are foreigners.

What the hell is that myth of ethnic homogenity? That was prior 1989 when the Communist Bloc fell down and before Greece was entered by her 4-country boundaries!

Review your knowledge of Greece please!!

6:59 PM  

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