Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What The UN Is Really Doing In Occupied-Kosovo

International bodies ,so self-righteously involved in "humanitarian interventions" , are doing what they do best, in occupied territories:

Publish Date : 11/2/2005 9:33:00 AM
Source : World News A court in Serbia's UN-governed Kosovo province sentenced a UN official to three years in prison after finding him guilty of sexual abuse of a minor, the United Nations said today

The United Nations has been hard-hit in recent years by allegations of sexual misconduct by UN peacekeepers and civilian staff. Rape, pedophilia and enticing children with food or money in exchange for sex have been among the abuses (Link)


Anonymous Jean D"Arc said...

The UN is doing its business. Nation wrecking, encouraging illicit commerce, facilitating the transit of illegals in the grand scheme of the invassion of Europe. Establishing proxy terrorist networks ( as shock troops whenever they are needed) creating new and unimaginable crisis situations. Fostering low level warfare. The stooges of the UN, need to keep themselves busy at work. How would they idle their time if there is peace everywhere ?
The larger area of conflict, the better opportunities for its parasitic infrastructure and the vulture who run it. We need to keep Javier Solana on the air, flying to Kosovo, to Belgrade, to Albania, paying insipid visits to pseudo heads of State, uttering nauseating statements and gourmandizing himself like a Turkish Pasha. The UN it's an independent Mafia operation. What do you expect from a body that consists of 8o% of thirld worlders and a primeval Simian at its head..

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