Friday, September 30, 2005

Turkey's Best Friend: The Greek Political Establishment

The front page of ekathimerini tells us that the Greek foreign policy remains to push for Turkey as an EU member , the Greek Government remains,at the midnight hour, more fanatically pro-Turk than any other EU member , except for ,perhaps, the exception of Jew-run England.

Scratch the surface behind any major event regarding Turkey and you will find a Jew. It's well known throughout the Levant that Jews have also held Turkey in high regard for many centuries and have always proven to be Turkey's great defender in the West and Greece's stalwart enemy--think Kissinger and Cyprus , or even Disraeli and Cyprus, or Don Pacifico and the English blocade, or Simitis (i.e. Semite) and current "Greek" foreign policy.

As our Arab friend Rami had said, "Whoever has understood the Jewish problem has understood all. Whoever hasn't understood it has understood nothing."

People's Holocausts such as the Pontic one, one of many perpetrated against Hellenes,today goes unnoticed by "our" Government. True, the Government recognizes this within our borders. BUT, is it given the same time as "the Holocaust" of the Jews? Is it as serious as the Jews' Hollow-Cause. The perpetrator of our Holocaust is our "friend". A Genocide Day was shot down by the Semitic,ahem, Simitis government that now brings Turkey into our homes, into our Fatherland.

Understand the problem. Know your enemy. See through the smokescreen. See the Jews in your midst.


Anonymous slsplb said...

The situation is very grave. We are being led to the brink of the abyss. How is it possible to support Turkey ? Have we lost our minds?

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it appears so.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look I find all this disgusting as would any patriot

but what are the alternatives for the Greek people when they look at groups like Xrush Augh holding swastikas and inviting neo nazis to Greece for sports and fests?

Patriotism is strong in many. look what happens when we win the euro. look at the thousands of Greeks in the diaspora who work tirelessly to keep their Hellenism alive

I see these 'nationalists' holding a swastika and I cant support them not ever

have ever heard of the Preveli monastery where Germans murdered the Greeks and the Allied troops they were trying to hide and the preist as well

ever heard of the nazis 10-1 policy and burning of whole villages policy?

ask my pappou if he 'respects' germans. he laughs at all the german tourists and the tourist mounakia who wear Greek flag t-shirts in Crete. poustides all of them he says

or is my pappou a jew loving commie? Ill have you know that he fought the communists after he was done trying to free the ancient greek land of the german scum

I dont even not like fascists. as long as they care about Greece and only Greece they are fine with me.


12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what proof is there that simitis is a jew and therefore was motivated to fufill jewish interests?

I mean is Voulgarakis a bulgarian or Arvanitis an arvanite?

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must recognize that the Jews and Turks,also,have a great racial affinty.As you know,the Khazar Turks were Jewish and today many sientists believe that most of the Asheknazim Jews are just direct descendants of those cruel Barbarian Turks.Search Dienekes' blog for Jews and you will find that the Y-DNA haplogroup Q,which is Mongoloid (perhaps Turkic) in origin is very prevelant among the Asheknazim Jews.I hope one day in near future,we true Middle Easterns (Iranians and Arabs) would eleminate these cruel invaders (Jews and Turks) and drive them back into the Mongolian stepps.Amen!

An Iranian patriot!

3:04 AM  
Anonymous Gyge said...

Socialists, internationalists, democracies,and all political movements of an antinational character were engineered and architected by Jewish power and their policies orchestrated in accordance to the chosen's dictates. Therefore it follows naturally that if you fit in anyone of the above categories you are a philosemite, or a Zionist consort fellow traveller. It is irrelevant if Simitis is jewish or not, his ourageous policies outdid what a genuine jew,in his place, might have accomplished to advance the chosen's road to the future.
You don't have to be jewish to think like a jew, anymore that being a blonde blue eyed nordicist makes you automatically a racialist. The Greek political establishment is a moribund carcass imbued with anti hellenism and suffused with jewish philosophy and ideology under the guise of PASOk, Socialism this or that or ND. The poisonous essence of these parties is the same, democracy,communism,multiculturalism,destruction of nation states,brotherhood of men,humanism and other dysgenic and entropic postulates.
It is the sound of the death knell when Mr Papandreu in his peroration in one of his speeches makes allusion to a communist and Black nationalist like Mandela. What examples can Greeks learn from this communist ? Continuing with his gaseous speech, among other trivia he championed the fight against Aids as if Greeks are dying of aids. Are we dying of aids ?. Not one word was mentioned about what serves Greece's and greeks interests. There is no hope with internationalist anacondas like Mr Papandreu and his caravan of merry making fools.

We are in a fine mess and the only salvation is through some political compact or egregious inspirational leader that will awaken and harness the racial spirit of Hellenism for the sake of Greece and Greeks. The same applies to the other European nations, some of whom are in a deepper hole than ourselves.

Xrisy Avgi and other nationalist groups are very useful in instilling and stirring national feelings , unfortunately the large mass of greeks having been well indocrinated to accept the present status are ignoring the message and the call of greek consciousness and seemingly prefer to remain in a political comatose condition. I am afraid that by the time we wake up,if ever we do, there will be nothing to wake up to. If and when Turkey accedes to the Trelokomio of the Union, their first port of call will be the aegean islands then the mainland.
Today the barbarous Turks are serving as a conduit for their trafficking of illegal moslem invaders to Greece . Tomorrow they'll use Greece as a free thoroughfare for increased volume of Asian,African boat people. In the meantime Constantine and Giorgio can pat each other on the back on a job well done in deceiving the Greek nation.

7:09 AM  

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