Wednesday, November 02, 2005

African-Muslim Immigrants Riot In Paris; Called "Scum" By French Minister

The most hostile of France's "colorful" immigrant communities are the loads of Algerian and Moroccan migrants, and their descendents, many of whom adopt the American "hip-hop" way of life.

While I respect Arabs and their civilization, I must note that the Algerians and Morrocans have a high incidence of Negro admixture, and that can't help but accentuate their propensity toward taking on the underman role exemplified by American Negro culture.

Another multicultural/multiracial pipe-dream coming home to roost:

Paris Is Burning
11/2/2005 12:57:49 PM
LSN Staff

Paris, France -- Paris is burning, with more than 150 fires reported as of this morning, as African "scum" in nine Paris suburbs have continued a sixth straight day of rioting and armed insurrection against police, who are refusing to make substantial arrests and who are being ordered not to return live gunfire coming from the mostly black and North African rioters. (Link)


Anonymous Ataud said...

Deport all the sewer rat from every European nation. It is the bigotry of the our age to have to preoccupy ourselves with non relevant issues such as "immigrants". The problem was created by the stumblebums government elite. Now they are incapable of solving it. Virtually chained and harness to the bandwagon of multiculturalism, race bastardization, mogrelization, globalism, war against antisemitism, human rights and other malodorous flag waving credo's, the whites have buttoned themselves to the slow grind of oblivion.
Cut out the cancer.

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the fool who runs this site. While you are preoccupied with conspiracies by the Jews you totally missed who the real problem here is. Not the Jews but the leftist elite that run the countries in the west and Islam. There is nothing to admire about arabs or Islam. You are a fool. Just like the Nazis you support. And please stop calling yourself a Hellenic Nationalist. You do not speak for Greek people.

4:01 PM  
Blogger iranianforaryans said...

As I am about to become the new leader of Europe, I hereby proclaim you the official spokesman for the Greeks, HN. Let all nay-sayers be gassed and then dipped in tzatziki sauce, and dumped in Ankara.

In Hate,


11:21 PM  
Anonymous Mars said...

Not a single rodent, non white monster should be allowed to pullulate greek soil. All those wretched Asians and Africans who have invaded our land must be deported.

The instigators and the promoters of the immigration wave into the greek homeland must be brought to heel. They must be prosecuted for their criminal intent and action to destroy our nation state through miscegeneation. A little Nuremberg style trial would be in order, in Nuremberg they hanged the innocent, in this latter day Nuremberg we can hang the real culprits and criminals. Bring them out of the closet, Papandreu, Simitis, Mitsotakis,and all the other reptiles who have brought Greece to this low point.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Anyone who cannot see the West is under complete Jewish dominion and that the entire spectrum of the Left (from Communists to Anarchists to Liberals) -- which not so coincidentally are also the greatest defenders of Jews -- is controlled by International Jewry truly has no understanding of the world.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous SPQR USA said...

We can no longer sit by and allow our society to become bastardized by lower mongrel races, and those who profit from this-OBVIOUSLY JEWS

12:06 AM  
Anonymous SPQR USA said...

We can no longer sit by and allow our society to become bastardized by lower mongrel races, and those who profit from this-OBVIOUSLY JEWS

12:06 AM  
Anonymous SPqR USA said...

Negro scumbags, jews communist homosexual self hating miscreants and feminazi loons cannot wallpaper the truth any longer-that our society is under seige from brown excremental peoples

12:09 AM  

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