Monday, November 28, 2005

Democracy: The Great Satan

The following is a prophecy passed on by a Hellenic Nationalist comrade on the satanic nature of Democracy, it actually comes from a site linked to my blog, called Orthodox Heritage, in any case, it concerns how the Anti-Christ will come to power through Democracy, one wonders if the spread of democracy around the world by what at least one Iranian leader often called The Great Satan (i.e. America) is further sign that Satan will come to the end times, by the votes of men:


The venerable Starets Lavrentii of Chernigov spoke frequently of antichrist, saying:

"There will come a time when they will fight and fight, and a world war will break out. And in the very thick of it, they will say, `Let us choose for ourselves a single king over all the inhabited earth.' And they will elect him! They will elect antichrist as the universal king and supreme `peace-maker' of the world. It will be necessary to listen carefully; it will be necessary to exercise caution! As soon as they begin to vote for one single man in all the world, know that it is none other than himself, and that it is forbidden [to Orthodox Christians] to vote [for him]."


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