Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Message From "The most primitive nation in Balkans and beyond !!!"

By -- Sorry and ashamed Shqiptar

The truth needs to come out

Us Shqiptars need to realize how primitive we really are and beg civilized nations such as Serbs, Slavo-Macedonians and Greeks to rule over us and make us civilized as well .

We are the most primitive nation in Balkans and all off Europe and probably more primitive than even Afganistan (given that if that country was in Europe they would certainly be more advanced than us primitive Shqiptars).

I feel deep sorow for all the barbarity my primitive Shqiptar brothers have put through nations like Serbs and Macedonians.

Even though we were given full rights and allowed to migrate from Albania and live in those wonderfull countries were remain ungreatfull and cousing mischief and chaos.

Just look at our homeland Albania which is in chaos especially since few years ago after tons of weapons were stolen from army baracks and a bulk of which was transported to Kosova and lately Maqedonia and not to mention all the drugs,thefts and other criminality which we are prone to.

Us Albanians need to become more civilized and europeized by being under Serb, Greek and Maqedonian control and the country Albania needs to be devided between these wonderfull people as a penalty for all the wars Albanians coused and finally Albanian nations needs to be assimilated into one of those wonderfull nations (since most of us sorry Shqiptars are of those descents anyway but under Turkish occupation were islamized and albanized).




Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

LOL, funny post...

btw their not Macedonians, or best not to even call em Slav-Macedonian.. their Skops (Skopiani) :)

2:09 AM  
Anonymous Hellenic in Australia. said...

Hey you fucking American. Macedonia is Greek NOT SLAVIC. You call yourself a patriot. Mate i think the smog in New York has fucked with your brain or your smoking crack with the "niggers in your hood". I suggest catching a flight to Greece, learning its history an culture including our Macedonian history.You will be amazed and what you might learn! Mate i will also suggest in giving up the fantasy of this Serb-Hellenic Brotherhood. Serbs fucked us Greeks over in Australia with the Macedonian "issue". They are two-faced cunts. During the balkans war they supported us because we fed there slavic starving retard people. Now we ask were are they to give us support when your jew infested/run counrty calls these non arryan slavs 'macedonians'. OOps too late. they have already recognized them as a country. Isnt that just a fucking kick in the teeth or what? Im not surprized cos a slav is a slav they are all in the "slavic brotherhood". Well im never ever going to visit your site again thats for sure Yankee Greek Jew. Oh by the way if you do go to Greece this year, try this. Mention that Macedonia isnt Greek or that you refer to slavic scum as "macedonian" and then after you have gotten the shit kicked out of you try count your teeth.After all ah its just a name. Only Greeks died defending Macedonia so it wouldnt become Bulgarian or communist. How silly of me to get all pissed off and angry..... Macedonia is Greek. And always will be Yankee Jew. Hellenic Patriot living in Australia.

4:43 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Well Tie Me Kangaroo Down Mate!!

Look closely at the entire collection of links. If you want to blame someone for the "Macedonia" debacle then blame the post-junta status quo ruling over Greece.

I have a hunch you have never even been to Greece , most Greeks don't give a shit about anything that doesn't concern their pockets.

If you chose to never visit this site again, which I doubt, then I will not cry over it...I already have more morons following this little blog than I can shake a stick at, Ma Niggah!!!

10:56 AM  
Blogger fultonphishmonger said...

LOL at post above..
Points finger at ozgreekling above hellenic nationalist and laughs

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Hellenic patriot living in Australia. said...

Hey yankee I grew up in Greece and moved temporarily to Australia 5 yrs ago.You flatten me with your comments. Still to call yourself a nationalist and refer to slavs as "macedonians" makes someone think twice on how much he/she knows about there heritage and roots. Then you mentioned that most greeks dont give a shit, only about there pockets. Hmmm i think you dont like Greeks. Then you say "blame the post junta status qou ruling over Greece" please no excuses mate. I know that they are just zionist eu puppets but isnt that what your web-site is about? Telling the truth and trying to open up peoples minds to the truth. Because the truth is the hardest thing for most people to accept. You should know.You call a bunch of slavic gypsies Macedonian and cant admit that you are wrong. i couldnt care less "ma nigga" if 1million people visit your site.The fact is you a "nationalist" called these people Macedonian. I dont know mate i think you should join KKE it suits your character judging by your childish response. Im sorry if i offended you... By the way have you served in the Greek military like a true nationalist who grew up abroad should have done???? I dont think you would last.... So go ahead be a child and think you are offending me with your remarks. You can never wash your hands clean with what you posted. In grew up in Kastoria in Macedonia which lies in Northern Greece just in case you didnt know were it is. Ive marched with Xrisi Aygh 24.08.02 in Florina and went to Thessaloniki to protest about Macedonia. So be a man an apologise that you were wrong. I congratulate you if you do. If not go to Athens and join your left-wing anarchist/communist brothers who are the biggest haters of Greeks and Greece and smash/burn anything you hate including reality.

2:43 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:02 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:02 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

Hellenic in Australia take it easy mate. :)
and H.N. is right about most greeks in Greece don't give a shit, all they care about is eitha their pockets or sitting outside the Cafe's drinking their frape.

btw Hellenic in Aus are u on South Melbourne Hellas soccer forum? :)

9:04 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

I've been following this weblog since its creation and I've never seen a single message in which the author himself referred to Vardarskians (i.e. Slav-Macedonians) as Macedonians or Vardarska Banovina (i.e. "FYROM") as Macedonia. The weblog entry you are commenting to is a transcription from a message board that someone else wrote (allegedly an Albanian, though it's obvious that someone who doesn't like Albanians wrote it).

Concerning your hostility towards our Serbian brothers, it is truly misplaced. It is true that Yugoslavia recognized "FYROM" as Macedonia but how are the Serb people responsible for this when it was a direct result of Milosevic's decision? Blaming Serbs for the actions of a Socialist is ridiculous. That's exactly as ridiculous as saying that the Greek people are responsible for betraying Kurds because Simitis (also a Socialist) sold him out to the Turks.

If you knew anything about the Serbian position on this issue you'd know that Serbs (rightfully)consider the area of Vardarska Banovina to be their land and refer to it as Old Serbia since their greatest medeival ruler (i.e. Tsar Dushan) had his capital in Skoplje (which the Vardarskians call Skopje).

As for "Slavic brotherhood", there is no such thing. Pan-Slavism is not an ideology that has any resonance in any Slavic country. If Serbs believed in Pan-Slavism, that wouldn't explain their problems and hostilities with Croatians, Bosnian Muslims, and yes, with Vardarskians as well. (Serbian-Vardarskian relations have never been that great, especially considering that the Vardarskians allowed NATO to use their airpace to bomb Yugoslavia and have most recently imprisoned the Serbian Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje.)

In truth, the Serbs have done much more for Greece than Greeks have done for Serbia and we are lucky to (still) have their friendship.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Hellenic patriot living in Australia. said...

Thanks for enlightening me on the Serb history of Sth Yugoslavia. I was just going on whats happening in Australia with the Serb/Greek issue concerning Macedonia.But you have a strong point that is true about the socialist goverments betraying peoples..... EOKA assasin mate i didnt mean to upset people, but i grew up in Macedonia and cant accept anyone using the name except for Greeks... No i am not on the Sth Melb forum. I dont follow Sth Melb. i support Heidelberg Alexander(alexandros) they are a local team.... Look at the end of the day the battle should not be against other nationalists but against others who would like to see the demise of Hellas and its history and future. Hang all race traitors,left-wing/communists,jews and those who threaten us.

1:51 AM  

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