Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Jew-Whipped Deviant West's Double Standard

Historian Mark Weber presents an enlightening essay on Europe's double standards regarding the recent jailing of defiant historian David Irving...

"While these countries defend, in the name of free speech, the right of cartoonists and writers to mock and insult the religious sensibilities of Muslims and Christians, they deny that same right to anyone who challenges the official Holocaust historiography. "

Well said...In many European countries, Christ and the Virgin Mary is routinely mocked and ridiculed in the most ghastly manner. Yet , anything remotely offensive to the mythical Jewish version of the Second World War gets you a term in prison!

In any case, if anybody wants further links to news stories and interviews and polemics on the David Irving affair, then check out Institute For Historical Review's front page under "News and Comment".


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