Thursday, February 16, 2006

Re-visiting Abortion: The "Silent Genocide" of Greeks (Part 2)

The Guardian reports on desperate attempts by the German Government to offer benefits in order to raise the miserably low birthrate of Germans, which even with its high Turkish population has a higher birthrate than Greece, which , incidentially has one of lowest birthrates in the world.

The classic neo-Marxist and post-modernist argument is that so-called developed countries have lower birth rates, which is absolute rubbish since Ireland and France have much higher birthrates, and "Israel"'s birthrate is much higher, and ,yes, that's just counting Jews. France had long ago implemented welfare benefits for those with many children, and now Germany is trying to copy that model. Without bothering to address not only the high rate of abortion in the two aforementioned countries, but also the record breaking levels of overt homosexuality.

Greece, as we all know, has only a pittance of such benefits. And no one dare breach the subject of abortion. Say hello to suicide.

Birth rates

In Europe 2.1 is considered to be the population replacement level. This table shows the mean number of children per woman (2004 figures)

Ireland 1.99
France 1.90
Norway 1.81
Sweden 1.75
UK 1.74
Netherlands 1.73
Germany 1.37
Italy 1.33
Spain 1.32
Greece 1.29
Source: Eurostat


Anonymous Theodoriu said...

It is all the fault of the grissly political ruling cabala. Between, the squirrel eyed scrooge nation salesman Papandreu and his cohorts ,and the portly sybaritic , Kosta and his elfs they are blending and mashing the greek nation. Bastards to boot into a latrine and pull the plug.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

I wasn't aware of this table.

Anyway, although I came in agreement with your last entry on abortion in regards to the silence of Greek nationalist political parties (see my rather long commentary at, it's not entirely correct to say that no one breaches the subject of abortion.

The "Association for the Protection of the Unborn Child" seems to be the strongest pro-life organization in Greece. Although I'm not sure if they have denounced birth control pills, they seem -- from what I've read -- to denounce abortion in detail and in all cases. (However, I could be wrong about the latter as I haven't read through the entire website; but, so far, that is my impression.)

Also, this organization is not as obscure as one might think. I remember reading their response to a pro-abortion article that the far-Left "Eleftherotypia" had written. I think their response may have been published, too. (However, given the love of monologues -- rather than debate -- by "Eleftherotypia", I may be mistaken). In any case, if you check out their "Events" section (link: you'll notice that they've been interviewed on television a number of times. In fact, their last televised interview took place only a few days ago, on 11 February.

10:54 AM  

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