Saturday, January 28, 2006

Greek Orthodox Christian Is Candidate On Hamas

The newspaper tabloids in New York (let's take a wild guess who owns them) have been advancing hysteria over the rise of Hamas in Palestine, or rather, occupied-Palestine. Has anyone stopped to ask if there is one "Israeli" or Jewish-dominated political party or movement, just one, that has a Greek Orthodox Christian on its election roster, or any candidate that is not Jewish?

Hamas , ( ooooo,shudders)has a Greek Orthodox Christian candidate,

What is the Church's opinion of your running on a Hamas ticket?

I said that I am a Christian (Greek Orthodox) and I have a great loyalty to my Christianity. I am proud of that. But, here, we are speaking about political issues. I could win the support of all the Palestinian parties as I have done with Hamas.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear mr. inquisitive blogreader, stuff it. You hit my blog too you fakking bashtard. I'm interested in Pennystocks only fakkin' Propellor-heads would be interested in such crap.

11:21 AM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

H.N.: ''The newspaper tabloids in New York (let's take a wild guess who owns them)''


12:25 AM  

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