Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jews Inspire 'Balkan Ghosts'

The following is an excellent article written by Professor Nikolaos A. Stavrou on historical Jewish involvement in Greece and the Balkan region, and,moreover, Jewish responsibility for the entrenchment of Communism in Greece and the Balkan region. Hats off to a comrade who made me aware of its existence, in pdf format, on the web:

No wonder then that the "ghost archeologists" show no interest whatsoever in two seminal figures that left their imprint on Balkan politics, Trotsky and Tito. One would have expected that at least the ghost of Trotsky would hover along with the other ghosts of Thessaloniki but, I guess, it would have been a sensitive subject to be touched. No mater what the revisionists of Balkan history feel, the fact remains that Tito and Trotsky were the original instigators of Balkan turmoil and their ghosts, too, require exorcism.

Recently released Soviet archives show that Trotsky roamed the Balkans prior to, during and after the Balkan wars. He had made Thessaloniki his base of operations hiding among the city's non-Greek elites and promoting the idea of making the Balkans the testing ground of proletarian internationalism. He had found refuge among the Jewish socialists in the city where he befriended and mentored the founder of the first ethnically exclusive "socialist" Federation, Abraham Benaroya.



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