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Re-visiting Abortion: The "Silent Genocide" of Greeks

Some recent news articles and email commentary I came across has enticed me into revisiting the issue of abortion , as previously reported on here, in Greece.

The commentary re-published below from Final Conflict, is enlightening, to say the least. Take note of the salient points made on how 'the system' uses certain widely circulated canards to justify the high rates of abortion in many post-Second World War societies we may be familiar with, Greece being one of the most horrid examples. As of now, there is not one Hellenic Nationalist mainstream or so-called "extreme" movement ,group or party confronting the Silent Genocide of Greeks.



[ says: Ignore the religious -label and think along racial lines.

Those who attended the FC supported Nationalist Education Forum on population and morality last Summer in central London will remember that the issue of abortion was tackled head-on.

This is not, as a topic, the plaything of Catholics - as the Zionist liars at Searchlight may have you believe - as the main speaker was, in fact, a Protestant.

This is a topic of life and death. This is a topic of race and immigration, because the low birth rate is used as an excuse to import 'workers'.

This is a topic of finance and community, because the low birth-rate is being used as an excuse by big business to strip out pension funds.

This is a topic of life and death, because the potential future of our country - and all White countries - the children, the workers, the scientists, the doctors, the patriots of tomorrow are being murdered, in their MILLIONS, in abortuaries.

The current law, in the UK, says that abortion is legal in certain circumstances.

This is being flouted daily by pressure groups who gain financially from the death of babies.

If Australia, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy... and every [ex?] White country is to see a future, then abortion needs to be tackled head on.

Those who tell you this is a 'religious' thing are lying.
Most of them are career reds or free-market capitalists.
Abortion is the large-scale murder of our future.
The pension crisis is just the tip of the abortion iceberg.
Our peoples are dying out.
Action is needed!]:

Daily Telegraph:
Australia 'will be Muslim in 50 years'
By Mark Chipperfield in Sydney
(Filed: 15/02/2006)

Australia is at risk of aborting itself out of existence and could become a Muslim country "within 50 years" if a controversial, abortion-inducing pill is made available, an Australian MP claimed yesterday.

Danna Vale, a former minister and an MP with the governing Liberal Party, said the drug, known as RU486, could drastically reduce the country's native-born, largely European population.

"I have read comments by a certain imam from the Lakemba mosque [in Sydney] who actually said that Australia is going to be a Muslim nation in 50 years' time," she said.

"I didn't believe him at the time, but when you actually look at the birth rate … we are aborting ourselves almost out of existence by 100,000 abortions a year. You multiply that by 50 years and that's five million potential Australians we won't have here."

The Australian parliament in Canberra is debating whether to allow the introduction of RU486, also known as mifepristone - a move that is opposed by Church groups and the staunchly Catholic health minister, Tony Abbott.

The inflammatory remarks upset Australia's Muslim community, which is still reeling from December's race riots, when white and Lebanese gangs fought pitched battles in the Sydney beachside suburb of Cronulla.
Keysar Trad, head of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, said Mrs Vale was trying to exploit people's ignorance of Islam. "It's just a cheap shot and it's very unfortunate," he said.

Mrs Vale's comments were also condemned by her own party, which is already divided over the abortion question.

The immigration minister, Amanda Vanstone, said the suggestion that people from Muslim countries might eventually outnumber native-born Australians was "completely ill-founded".

The opposition Labour Party described Mrs Vale's comments as "weird" and called on her to retract them.



Blogger Hellenian said...

It's true that no existing Greek political party -- nationalist or otherwise -- has adequently confronted the issue of abortion by completely denouncing it in all cases and calling for its complete criminalization -- which is the only ethical solution and the only solution compatible with Orthodox Canon Law. However, a number of Greek political parties have denounced it to certain degrees and for various reasons (but mostly over the demographic problem Greece faces). Here follow the official stances of Golden Dawn, Patriotic Alliance, Popular Rally, Hellenic Front, and the Hellenic Women's Political Party:

Golden Dawn official "Proposals for a New Policy"[1] includes these declarations:
"Social and National redefinition of the importance of Family and Motherhood. [...] Support for the unwed mother for the deterrence of abortion. [...] No to mixed marriages, no to profuse abortions which drive our Nation to racial death. [...] More children means more Hellenes, more potential for progress, more production, more deterrence to every foreign design".

Patriotic Alliance's official "Program Directive"[2] includes these declarations: "[...] needed is a NATIONAL redefinition of the importance and essence of WOMAN-FAMILY-MOTHERHOOD. [...] We want preventive medicine and particular observation of the pregnant woman and her child. [...] We want the state's support to unwed women for the deterrence of abortion. [...] We say NO to mixed marriages, NO to profuse abortions which drive our Nation to racial death".

Popular Rally's official "Program"[3] includes these declarations: "The issue of the low birthrate is further related with the problem of abortion. The problem must be eliminated immediately and LA.O.S believes that the correct briefing and edification of young people about family planning is the first and most important step. Disruption of gestation constitutes murder of the embryo and [warrants] prosecution, with exception in cases of medical necessity. For unwed mothers it is anticipated that a special state provision will exist". It is also worth mentioning that when Popular Rally was still known as Popular Orthodox Rally that it merged with Hellenic Front and gained the support of the Hellenic Women's Political Party since both of these parties will be analyzed below.

Hellenic Front is still part of Popular Rally. The president of the Women's Department of the party, in a speech[4] listed under the Women's Department section[5] of Hellenic Front's official newspaper "Hellenic Lines", includes this declaration: "All that we previously heard about the nonexistent governmental policy on hot issues like the demographic [problem], abortions and unmarried mothers, unemployment, criminality, we want to change them. We have the proposals and the will". Aside from that, one will not find any other article that mentions the issue of abortion on "Hellenic Lines" -- at least by conventional methods. Apparently, when the site was re-designed, some articles were left out but not deleted. (Although they cannot be accessed using the website's built-in search function or by manually browsing for them, it is possible to unearth them by utilizing a special google search method that completely searches a website.) One of these "missing" articles concerned the 2003 meeting of the Women's Department[6]. Along with the speech that I just excerpted from, it contained four others as well -- one of which was a lengthy speech entitled "Abortions, Unwed Mothers and Criminal State Neglect". I have suspicions that this article was intentionally left out of the re-designed site since: a) one of the speeches was extracted from it and made into its own article and b) it is very specific on an issue that I think Hellenic Front would prefer to remain as vague on as possible. (So I wouldn't be surprised if it suddenly was deleted.) The relevant speech is somewhat lengthy but I've managed to translate a good portion of it: "[...] it is frightening to hear that every year 200,000 children die in gynecological clinics from abortion. A daily genocide! And we speak of genocide because what is removed through abortion is a human life. Despite what voluntarily blind materialists claim, the embryo constitutes a human entity from the moment of conception. Aside from the theological standpoint that the human soul is inherent in the embryo from the first day of gestation [fertilization], science also comes to the defense that we are talking about a live human organism that develops with a rapid rate. [...] Despite all of this the state allows the conduct of this crime, not only defending the death sentence of hundreds of thousands of unborn children, but moreover placing the health of thousands of mothers in substantial danger. [...] therefore undoubtedly significant humanitarian questions come into question. Unborn children as human entities must be protected by the laws that safeguard life and human dignity. Instead of this they are murdered in a rush without the least scruple on behalf of the state. Their bodies are literally wrung [and] unscrupulous traders become rich [by selling the bodies]. It is truly intriguing how various internationalists who have a want for humanitarianism as an avocation remain silent before this blatent crime. Aside from the humanitarian crime a clearly national crime is effected. The state wages a silent national genocide, exterminating 200,000 Greek children every year at a moment where our nation faces a demographic decline. And it consciously executes this genocide not only by legalizing the abortions but also by prompting, through its nonexistent support, thousands of unmarried mothers to decide to kill their child". The speech ends by citing the proposals of the Women's Department of Hellenic Front: "Change in the legislative framework that regards abortion with: [...] immediate prohibition of any method of trade in embryonic organs or tissues that originate from aborted infants [and] treatment of the embryo as a live human organism and the restriction of authorized abortions to only very special cases. [...] Substantial support to unwed mothers from the state with the creation of a specialized relief organization [to this end]. Such an organization will have to provide the unmarried mother with support of social functions, the capability of residence in special shelters, economic aid during the period of pregnancy, the free provision of medical-pharmaceutical nursing during childbirth, and medical exams and a monthly subsidy with special benefits for unmarried mothers. The Church, but also independent institutions that deal with the support of unmarried mothers, have succeeded greatly with the above [measures] without the tiniest state assistance. This explicitly demonstrates that the means are not absent but the intention and the political will so as to effectively counter the problem of abortion and to essentially support the unmarried mother is". In addition, one can find a link to the "Association for the Protection of the Unborn Child" on the links page[7] of "Hellenic Lines". However, they haven't bothered to update the URL from to with the result that when you click on it you get a 403 error. This may imply that the link is just for show. I mean, if Hellenic Front were actually were against abortion, they would have probably accessed the link from their own website, seen the error, and corrected it. But, as it is, months have passed and they still haven't noticed the URL change.

The Hellenic Women's Political Party still supports Popular Rally as their website indicates[8]. The Hellenic Women's Political Party's official "Some Foundational Purposes & Principles of the Political Party"[9] includes this declaration: "Reduce the 400.000 abortions per year with unconditional solidarity of the state to the women". There may be more references to abortion on the website (I didn't read through all of it so I'm not sure) but, from what I read, this seems to be the party's strongest statement.

Although for your typical far-Leftist, these would probably constitute "extremist" positions, for any genuinely ethical person (of any political ideology), these do not constitute a staunch rejection of abortion. Although a degree of oppossition is expressed, not a single one of the political parties listed above clearly calls for the complete criminalization of abortion -- and that's simple unacceptable. Abortion constitutes the greatest crime against humanity as it targets the most young, innocent, and defenseless human beings for slaughter. There can be no justification under any circumstance for capital punishment against such a group. Also, instead of viewing the issue as a human rights issue, every one of these parties views it mostly as a demographic problem. This raises the question: what if there wasn't a demographic problem in Greece? Would these parties then consent, or even support, abortion? Considering that not a single one of them clearly called for its complete criminalization, and left doors open for its continuation, it's not impossible that their "anti-abortion" stances might shift towards that direction. The fact that Golden Dawn and Patriotic Alliance seem to only want to dissuade abortions and seem to be more concerned about the threat of "racial death"; the fact that Popular Rally believes the best solution is education on matters of "family planning" (which, no doubt, probably includes support for birth control pills, even though they are abortifacients[10]) and that, even though Popular Rally recognizes abortion as murder, that they make exceptions for it; the fact that Hellenic Front's current stance on abortion is purposely extremely vague, that their old position (even though it regarded abortion as a human rights issue) still made exceptions for it, and the fact that they have probably officially accepted Popular Rally's official position; and the fact that the Hellenic Women's Political Party is very vague and probably supports Popular Rally's official position; along with the aforementioned prominence of the demographic issue as the primary justification against abortion indicates that the positions of these parties (which aren't acceptable in the first place) are by no means set in stone.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, although these parties have expressed disapproval towards abortion in writing that, to my knowledge, none of them have ever tried to bring this issue to the mainstream public's attention. But considering how suspiciously vague they generally want to remain on the issue of abortion (and the related issue of contraception), this is not surprising.

So, just like you said: "As of now, there is not one Hellenic Nationalist mainstream or so-called "extreme" movement, group or party confronting the Silent Genocide of Greeks".

[9] &

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Anonymous Blue Blood. said...

TO the Hellenic Nationalist or so you claim to be. Your article on the bromo-Albani couldnt be more true. Albanians are the most untrusting, disgusting and brain dead race of peoples i have ever come across. Anyway my point is you refered to Macedonia as a country. Since when does a Hellenic Nationalist call these gypsy slavic bastard race of peoples " macedonians". Isnt Macedonia in Hellas Mr Nationalist? You have insulted every Hellenic person by calling these "bulgarians" Macedonians. Dont ever forget that many patriots and people lost there lives fighting for Macedonia to remain GREEK and not to fall into slvic hands even worse become communist.NEVER EVER FORGET THIS YOU AMERICAN DONKEY. MACEDONIA IS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE HELLENIC. I USED TO THINK YOUR SITE WAS CREDIBLE BUT NOW IM THINKING YOUR JUST ANOTHER FUCKING DUMB-ASS AMERICAN. And as for Serbs. Ha! They are the biggest fence sitters. They only support us when they need something. Where are they now supporting the Hellenes on the name "macedonia". They to Mr Nationalist are fucking second hand slavic cross bred bastards.So as you down another cheeseburger from Mc Jews in NYC consider the Hellenic people who you have deeply offended, insulted and hurt.
From Hellenic Nationalist Front. Athens Hellas.

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