Sunday, February 19, 2006

Poles Refuse To Allow Balanced Research On The Hollow-Cause

Iran has decided to tackle the West's mainstream interpretation of the jewish side of the story regarding the Second World prisoner camp known as Auschwitz, by attempting to send a team of scientists to the site in Poland to examine forensic evidence...

Poland realizes that a good deal of its tourist capital comes from this camp, as well as from Western aid, so naturally , they refused...

Amongst many false renderings and exaggerations regarding this camp, one of the most interesting side notes of this whole Auschwitz story and the Hollow-Cause of remembrance tied to it is the Soviet-Bolshevik originator to the story:

Once a celebrated literary figure in the USSR, today Polevoy is known to revisionists as the author of one of the first news reports on Auschwitz after its capture on January 27, 1945. Thanks to the work of Faurisson, Walendy, and others, that story, which appeared in Pravda, the leading newspaper of the Soviet Communist party, on February 2, 1945, is now widely known to differ drastically from the later orthodox account of the camp. Polevoy described how Auschwitz inmates were exterminated, not in gas chambers, but on an electric conveyor belt that electrocuted hundreds of them simultaneously, then dropped their bodies into a flaming blast furnace. He reported enormous mass graves, filled with at least four layers of bodies. Polevoy also described zinc-covered benches fitted with straps for restraining inmates, on which inmates were beaten to death with truncheons manufactured by the Krupp factory in Dresden. (SEE: 'Nothing Has Been Invented': The War Journalism of Boris Polevoy)

Sounds like science fiction, but sadly, millions of adults in the West accept,in someplaces by law, this rubbish as truth, not ironically, the Communist party organ , Pravda, that this comic-book-like material was reported in, claimed to also deal in Truth.


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Another white government beholden to the clutches of the chosen .

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