Saturday, July 15, 2006

Greeks Fleeing Jewish Terror Arrive In Athens

First Greeks back from strife-torn Lebanon
07/16/2006 ANA-MPA
The first Greeks and other nationalities fleeing the violence in strife-torn Lebanon arrived at Athens airport from Damascus shortly after 14:00 on Saturday.

The 90-odd passengers on board the plane had travelled by road to Damascus from Beirut and other areas of Lebanon, where an Israeli offensive was continuing at unreduced intensity. LINK


Anonymous Ariadne said...

Hellenes left behind, unable to leave with Ierapetra ship, because of Americans and French!

The French and Americans literaly ''took the ship and left'' leaving behind the desparate people! The greek goverment tried to cover up the incident, making up stupid exchuses, while all the foreign countries, and America too, begging Greece to send ships for their own people.

These are our friends! F*ck!

All the latest news and the links here:

(page in Hellenic)

1:29 AM  
Anonymous baluarte said...

History repeats itself. In 1922, when the scabious Turks were sacking Smyrna, large numbers of refugees ( Greeks, Armenians and other Christians) crowded the quays, the allied ships anchored at a distance did not attempt to rescue the panick stricken throng. In fact the crew of these ships entertained themselves on the deck watching proceedings on the quayside.
A few , seeing no meaningful response from the boats, tried to swim toward the ships, when they got close enough to the ships, no effort was made , by the crew,to throw them even a lifeboat. Orders were not to get involved with the fleeing Greeks and Christians

6:17 AM  

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