Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Foreigners Buying Land In Greece

As recently as a decade ago, it was close to impossible for foreigners to legally buy land or property in Greece under their own name, in today's Greece, anyone, Turk or Jew or Englishman , can buy any property in the country. All that's required for buying land in a border area is EU citizenship, so that should be no problem for some Turk with German or Dutch citizenship. Some food for thought, the Jews bought a lot of their land from the Arabs, so did many Americans from the Indians....

By law foreigners can own property in most areas of Greece. However, there are some restrictions on property purchase that apply in border areas (eastern Aegean, Dodecanese Islands, regions of northern Greece, Crete and Rhodes) for non-European Union citizens. In such cases, non-EU citizens must apply to the council of the local prefecture. Some real estate agents offer assistance with this procedure. (LINK)


Blogger fultonphishmonger said...

woah!..that sucks man, i can see it now.. Turks buying the land and building their crappy empire piece by piece plot by plot.

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