Monday, November 06, 2006

Gang Rapes In Greek High Schools

The horrific details of a gang rape in a Greek high school are indicative of the deplorable morality of modern degenerate-Greeks. The incident has sparked outcries from as high up as the president of the Republic, because the girl was Bulgarian, and shrill cries of "racism" are sent high and far.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh, who wants to gang rape a Bulgarian wench? Thats disgusting, don't these degenerate modern greeks know they might get TurkoBulgarian borne deseases?

was she digging around for half eaten tiropitas in the high school cafeteria?

Racism Shmacism ptooooie!

Praying for the return of Northern Thrace (E. Rumelia), Pirin Macedonia to Hellas

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Bruto said...

It is a disgrace and an abomination and a stain on our integrity and moral standards. There are so many twists to this story going around that boggles the brain. It appears that 3 schoolgirls were "filming" the rape with their cell phones.
It was utterly pointless and a cheap shot for Papulias to get involved and politicize a criminal incident.It is a police case and it should be handled accordingly. The yellow press is having a field day by manufacturing a racial angle to it ( although this very same press remained abjectly silent when some rotten morocans raped a Greek woman in Omonia; or when a wild Albanian bricklayer waylaid a mother and daughter and raped them both; eh Papulias are you listening ??? where were you when these two cases were brought into the open ???) to advance the multiracial and globalist agenda.

Greeks are careening down the spiral of moral dissoluteness, crass materialism and hedonism.
The fish rotts at the head. The political elite, intelectual circles, academia , are inexorably rotting under the sun, disoriented, rudderless, schooled erudite apes making a mess of the country and nation. These are the tired sons of a long line of "Westernized/liberalized " Greeks which will lose Greece. .

5:52 AM  

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