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Communist Crimes Against Greek Orthodoxy

There will be an attempt to transcribe eyewitness testimonies by Greek Orthodox holy men proving that Communism is anathema to the Greek Nation and to the centuries old evolution of Helleno-Orthodoxy which Communism , a foreign ideology brewed in Western Europe and founded since the very beginning by god-less Greek-hating Jews and imported into Greece, first by Jews, and then fostered by Greek-hating Greeks, seeks to destroy. These Greek-hating Greeks are the same spawn who staff our government and man our institutions The record of Communist Crimes against Greek Humanity is consistently covered up by the corrupt political establishment.

It is my belief however, that good will eventually prevail over the evil, and the evil is today symbolized by the political establishment,the Greek media and the majority of today's Greeks who propagate the myth that Communism and its sister ideologies Anarchism and Socialism are Greek and belong in Greece, they do not, they are a virus. A virus must be destroyed in entirety in order for the body to live, the war, the great ideological war is not over.

Episodes with rebels

Fr. Simon related an event with the rebels which happened at Kyme.

"I had Holy bread and was going to church to do the proskomide and to do the Liturgy. At the time I was elevating the Holy Bread a certain rebel entered the church and in a threatening manner asked me to give him the Holy Bread and to not do the divine Liturgy. I answered him that it was impossible because I had already begun to liturgize. The rebel threatened me
with his rifle and told me that if I didn't give him the Holy Bread, he would pull the trigger and kill me. I immediately stopped the proskomide, turned abruptly, took the rifle from his hands and pushed him back with strength. He didn't realize how he ended up outside of the church. He was stunned seeing such strength, which he didn't imagine, as if an electric current hit him.
I still held the rifle in my hands. I threw it down and went in to continue the proskomede.

"The rebel recovered from the shaking up which I had given him which had taken him out of the Church. Enraged by what had happened to him he put ammunition in his gun and holding the trigger with his finger he came to kill me. He remained like this for a few seconds thus undecided. And in a little while I heard him shouting:

"'What should I do with you? A certain power prevents me this moment, otherwise I would have killed you.' And he left.

"I continued the proskomide and did my Liturgy regularly."

Mr. John Benos also mentioned a related event, which occurred at the same Monastery.

At the Monastery a lot of people had gathered. Some rebels also came there who had brought on a pole the head of a certain priest they had killed. One of them had ascended high on a podium and shouted:

"Long live freedom, down with virginity!"

The Elder hearing this felt the zeal of the Lord of Savaoth overcome him and he set out to give a lesson to the impious one. One of the fathers of the Monastery tried to restrain Fr. Simon.

"What are you going to do, Fr. Simon? Don't you see the head of the priest on the pole"

The Elder didn't pay attention to him. He gave him a push and proceeded towards the rebel. He ascended on the podium where he was speaking and censured him in a very strict manner. And he concluded:

"Everything you're saying is sin. How do you know what virginity is? And how do you dare say such stupidities and foolishnesses about things you don't know about?
You can't say 'long live freedom, down with virginity.' And furthermore you are not allowed to speak in this manner in a holy place as is the Monastery."

Saying these things Fr. Simon grabbed him, and with strength which he did not think this priest had, he lowered him down from the platform.

All the people who were witnesses of that scene remained amazed at Fr. Simon's courage and from the boldness and fearlessness, with which he spoke about virginity.

The rebel felt mortally wounded by this humiliation which had occurred to him before so many people. He grabbed Fr. Simon from the beard. Fr. Simon, even though he could have made him motionless, did not do it. The rebel took him all around the church and
loaded his gun ready to kill him. The other rebel though, who was with him, stopped him saying:

"For the name of God! Don't do this! If you kill him, the whole village will rise up against us, because if this village is still alive, it owes it to this priest. He is a holy person. And furthermore he's done miracles too!"

Thus the evil stopped there. God's intervention was obvious. Mr. Benos related these things.

[Source: "Priestmonk Simon Arvanitis (1901-1988): His
Life and Work" by Monk Zosimas, page 61-63]


Blogger fidaki said...

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Blogger fidaki said...

I like your blog. I don't necessarily agree with all of it but we're on the same wavelength generally. If you haven't already, I recommend to you to see the film "Μάθε παιδί μου γράμματα". It's about communism and the church and it shows the other side......
How'd you get to be so Hellenic? I am Canadian-born from Greek parents who were born during WW2 and through them, I idealise the old times that sadly no longer exist. This crept into my subconscious while I was growing up even though my parents are far-left compared with most Greeks in the diaspora (they don't belong to any of those organizations, mostly atheist but more "true" to the Hellenic ideals by reading philosophy and making me and me brother learn the language in 12 years of greek school).
Anyway, the old days are gone. The village my dad comes from has just one permanent resident remaining. Now greece is just another dump. Athens is just another Karachi.
Keep up the good work.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog my friend.The "μάθε παιδί μου γράμματα" was a good film but full of socialist-liberal propaganda of the early 80s times,the years that pasok was crying for power.Actually in fokida where i come from,the victimized communists have done better things than Turks.My grnadmas familly were poor sepherds,and when they entered in her village they executed for fun her two brothers.They have also taken my grandpa-a sepherd too- to join them by the force of the gun.Actually a big number of the villagers had the same fate.Fortunately my grandpa escaped and he was hiding for 4 years because of the peaceful communists,in Fokida actually most of them were savages,who in order to make a fortune and make money exaggerated and killed many.the funny is that in west fokida,and the village that my grandpa came from wasnt even noted by the Italians(my grandpa fought against Italians).Commies were prowling that areas in 44-46 only for taking sheeps,killing for money and looting.Very decent people those "commies",well i doubt if thse people have have ever heard of Marx,but in 41-44 they have sided with italians,albanians and other guerillas and theafts(fasicsts,"vlachs") and in 44-47 with commies and ELAS.Decent the way do you know how good people were the italians too???They took off the nipples of my others grandmas brother,its fucking sick that people remember only germans and not italians,commies,ablanians,bulgarians,turks.A group of 40 greeks that made it to the tukrish coast from Samos in order to escape germans in 41' they were massacred by the local Turks.Read KAPOPOULOS history(1940-1975) you will learn a lot of great stuff.

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