Friday, October 06, 2006

Mosque In Downtown Athens Is Only Two Years Away!

This news is further proof that Greece has sunk into an abyss. The first mosque will be built since the dark times of Turkish occupation,with Greek funds, despite the fact that no new churches have built in Turkey ever since, if anything Turkey has done nothing more than confiscate and desecrate Greek churches. Alas, the scum who roam Athens will now have a home in which to plan bombings ,rapes and secessionist fifth column foreign immigrant communities convenient to the future Turko-Albanian occupation of Greece.

If now is not the time for a Nationalist Uprising in the Fatherland against EU humiliations and Judeo-Centric/Euro-Centric Greek parliamentary procedures to dismember and eventually destroy the Nation , then alas it will soon be too late. Greece , soon to be a place of nothing, a pissing and crapping ground for degenerates.


Blogger iranianforaryans said...

'Tis only a sign of the times.

3:23 AM  
Anonymous yacono said...

A tight noose around the neck of turcosporo, crypto turk bakoyiannis. The cow Bakoyianni, had she had her way, wanted to open the mosque in monasteraki. Only a revolution , a violent opposition can bring some sanity. It is obvious that the Orthodox church does not care any more either. Why is the church allowing a mosque after 250 years since the bastard turks were thrown away ?
Bakoyiannis always is proud of achievements that run counter to greek interests. She panders to Osman and lends her unstinting support to enter the EU, she panders and waxes lyrically to the invading hordes of muslism, black and other excremental life forms, rhapsodizes about our "multicultural" society, and sings orgasmically to Greece's descent into a thirld world enclave. Ironically she, wherever it may be, seemingly finds a fawning audience. This overfed cow, with the Kolynos smile, is pawing the political ground to groom herself as a future prime minister.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The worse thing is that the mosque will be built at Votanikos, a place where many ancient Greek philosophers were buried.

Votanikos area is already turned a ghetto of Africans and Asians the last years.

10:35 AM  

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