Sunday, September 24, 2006

Greek Foreign Intelligence?

This Jew blogger has re-posted a dated article from fellow Jew Takis Michas on alleged Greek complicity in the so-called "massacre" of Srebrenica, we all must have heard of these allegations before, and I've even seen press reports and articles from Golden Dawn claiming that they participated, knowing the Greek Foreign Ministry's long record of apathy and incompetence I would just have to doubt ,seriously, the idea of such far flung operations. The Greek involvement in the capture of Kurdish rebel leader Ocalan, just goes to show how pro-American and pro-Turkish the Greek Foreign Ministry and its so-called Intelligence really is,if anything if there were Greeks on the side of Serbian resistance , than it had to be lone ,rare volunteers:

Equally interesting were the activities of a contingent of Greek paramilitaries who were fighting in Bosnia as part of the Drina Corps under indicted war criminal General Ratko Mladic. As it was reported at the time, this group of Greek paramilitaries were in close contact with the Greek intelligence agencies, providing the latter with info concerning military developments on the various fronts of the war. According to the Dutch report, the Greek paramilitaries took part in the Srebrenica massacre and the Greek flag was hoisted in the city after it had fallen to the Serbs. The report bases its findings on telephone intercepts of the Bosnian Serb Army provided by Bosnian intelligence. 'One of the intercepted messages,' Professor Wiebes told me, 'was from General Mladic, who asked for the Greek flag to be hoisted in the city' - presumably to honor the Greek lads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish the greeks participated. It would give me one less reason to be ashamed of the greek government. Actually it would give me some pride.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good link to some facts about Srebrenica, from an impartial source, a Canadian officer who was there.

The actual article is written by Lewis Mackenzie, and it is an impartial piece from an eye-witness (although one might be fooled by the name of the URL, thinking it is specifically pro-Serb).

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