Saturday, September 16, 2006

Greek Establishment Bans Church From Schools "in recognition of Greece's emergence as a multicultural society"

The political establishment takes further steps to destroy the character of the Nation through attacking Orthodoxy, this time by removing Orthodox Christian confession from the educational system. Clearly this shows how much the political establishment and its backers-International Jewry, Europeans, and Americans--are threatened by Greek Orthodox Christianity.

Greece Church Barred from Hearing Student Confessions at School

By The Associated Press
Fri, Sep. 15 2006 ATHENS, Greece (AP) State schools reopened in Greece with the country's Orthodox church barred for the first time from hearing students' confessions on school premises.

Senior clergy in the powerful institution angrily oppose the new regulation, which the conservative government says was introduced partly in recognition of Greece's emergence as a multicultural society.

Nearly a million immigrants including tens of thousands of Muslims from Pakistan and Albania are estimated to live in Greece, a country of about 11 million.

The church's governing Holy Synod said in a statement just ahead of the new school year, which began Monday, that the decision "hurts the children themselves, depriving them of the unique opportunity to convey to a priest their most difficult and, at times, explosive problems." Students' interests "must be placed above any other concern," church leaders said.

The church is rarely challenged in Greece, where some 97 percent of the native-born population is baptized Orthodox, and past governments have shied away from backing a full constitutional separation of church and state.

Many Greeks view the church as a guardian of the nation's values and heritage.

But secular pressures are now growing. Church critics are challenging the institution's privileged position, which includes generous tax concessions and government payment of priests' salaries.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another nail in the coffin. The church, instead of opposing it and marshalling its adherents , followers and faithful appears to take it lying down and accepting it. If the church does not fight against it, if the church does not take greek orthodoxy's banner and reasserts the spirit of greece as a home for greeks and othodox only, there would be little influence of Orthodoxy left in a few decades.
Greece must me be allowed to become a multucultural heaven and a hell for the natives.
God , help us

2:56 AM  

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